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Moving? Do You Know What You’ve Signed Up For?

November 30, 2011 | Moving Guides & Tips

Moving. It’s a process that can make everyone stressed out because there is so  much to think about.  Bekins wants to make sure that you know what you’re signing up for when you choose a mover and to help you avoid the stress.

1.  Know your pricing options.

  • Is it a guaranteed price?
    • Bekins offers a “No Excuse Price” option.  The estimate is based on the items you’re moving, the services you need and the valuation option you select.  For a small fee, price is guaranteed and will not change unless you change the items being moved.
  • Is it an actual weight shipment?
    • The price is based on the exact weight & miles of your shipment.  Truck is weighed prior to loading and again after loading and you only pay for the actual weight of your shipment and services provided.
  • Is it an either/or pricing option (Not to Exceed)?
    • You receive an estimate based on the items you move, the services you select and the miles you plan to move.  You are given an estimate and the price will either be that price or a lower price.  Again the truck is weighed prior to and after loading to determine which price to apply.  Remember if you need extra service (shuttle, long carries, stairs) these costs will be added.

2.  Know what extra services are needed and the cost.

  • Shuttle Needed? Will a semi-truck be able access your street?
  • Flights of Stairs.
  • Crating of TV’s, glass tables, artwork.
  • Appliance service.
  • Know the cost of these additional services
    • Packing & Unpacking Services are an additional cost.
      • Professional packers know how to wrap items and pack a box.
      • If you do your own packing be sure to use materials and boxes that will protect your items.

3.  Be sure to discuss valuation coverage options.  Understand the level of protection you will receive:

  • Standard valuation protection – $.60/lb. provided free of charge.
  • Full valuation coverage – You can purchase $6.00/lb. coverage.  Fees can be based on a $0 deductible, a $250 deductible or a $500 deductible.

4.  Be sure to agree on a pick-up & delivery spread. 

  • To qualify for “guaranteed” pick-up and delivery dates, you must have a shipment weighing a minimum of 5,000lbs. unless otherwise stated.
  • If your shipment is delayed, you may qualify for compensation for lodging and food up to $125 per day.

5.  Upon delivery, be sure you sign the inventory, Customer Service form and “Bingo Sheet” to check off that you’ve received everything put on the truck.

  • Note any damage  on the inventory sheet.
  • Note any missing boxes or items upon delivery.

6.  Read what you are signing!

  • Make sure you know what your moving contract says!  The  Order For Service and Bill Of Lading are to be signed by the customer.
  • Don’t expect to be compensated for claims above $.60/lb. times the weight of any lost or damaged item unless you’ve selected full valuation protection.
  • Read your “Rights and Responsibilities” booklet.

Moving your entire household is a difficult process, but be an informed customer.  Read the Bekins “Rights and Responsibilities” booklet provided by your Bekins representative.  The more you understand, the less stressful the move.  Ask questions, be an educated consumer, and have a great move!

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