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You Packed Yourself but Should You Move Yourself?

August 21, 2012 | Moving Guides & Tips

Last week I wrote a post on whether you should or should not pack yourself and, against your better judgement, you decided to pack yourself anyway. It was laborious and you really did have more things than you thought. After countless trips to the store and extra fees to the city so they would dispose of your large articles of furniture that—after three days of packing—you decided just weren’t worth it, you are wondering whether you should also load and drive yourself. Isn’t packing the hard part anyway?

Let’s play out a scenario. You have already accounted for the stress of driving cross-country in a large truck with poor gas mileage, but you have decided to make an adventure of it. With truck rental rates of $19.95*-per-day, that poor gas mileage will barely even put a dent into your savings.

Then you notice that asterisk. Turns out $19.95-per-day is the in-town rate. For your interstate move of 2000 miles, your total rental cost is actually going to come to about ten times that much.


Has this little guy ever had anything positive to say?

By now you’re in too deep. You decide to pay the fee and load up the truck. Then you realize that, in your attempt to save money, you underestimated the size of truck you would need. Now you are having to pack your family into the sedan alongside various pieces of bedroom furniture like a game of Tetris.

At the end of the drive, with the requisite frustration and mental breakdowns of having to drive 300 miles each day for a week, and the property damage implicit in trying to navigate a 20-foot landwhale of a vehicle through an unfamiliar neighborhood in an unfamiliar town, you arrive at your new home.

In a sigh of relief, you hop out of your truck, walk to the back, slide open the tailgate, and… where’s your stuff? Turns out some enterprising new homeowners decided to help themselves to it 1000 miles back when you were asleep in the Motel 8; because, after your country-wide trek, you realized that—in your truck with its bright graphics advertising their cheap $19.95-per-day* rates—you were essentially parking what amounts to a rolling advertisement for free household goods.

While this scenario may be an exaggeration, it nevertheless illuminates some of the concerns and worries many neglect to consider amongst the seemingly endless number of other things involved with a household move.

Why not let a professional Bekins mover eliminate theses added unnecessary stresses. With Bekins’ professional drivers and national network of hundreds of agents, your goods will always be looked after and kept secure. With 120 years of professional experience transporting families across the world, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Add to that piece of mind Bekins’ trademarked “No Excuse Price,” and there is no asterisk to worry about.

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