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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Organization

February 13, 2014 | Household Moves

If you can believe it, spring is around the corner.  Along with spring comes cleaning and organizing. It’s time to go through the old and make room for the new. Whether you realize it or not, household goods tend to build up throughout the year. Consider these tips as you move into the warmer months.

Start simple.

Start with one room at a time. Have a checklist that will help establish a method to your cleaning madness.

*Moving tip bonus: Remember all of those boxes from your last move? They will come in very handy when you are getting rid of old items.

Label boxes with descriptions and divide your belongings accordingly. What should you do with all of your old things? Make it fun – host a neighborhood garage sale. This is a great way to include & get to know your neighbors if you just moved in. It will allow you to dive into the spring months with a sense of community.

Donating the items to Goodwill, consignment shops or various clothing drives are a great option as well.

Start inside and work your way outside. Start with the scariest of them all – closets. Closets can often become a place of storage for, well, everything. Once you’ve sorted through the closet, cleaning the room will feel much easier.

Pull out your checklist or get a little help from Good Housekeeping.

You then can follow your checklist going room-to-room for cleaning.

Kitchen organization

It’s time to get your kitchen ready and prepared for summer festivities & friends. The kitchen can be a beast of its own, if you allow it. Go in with a plan. Start with the fridge and the cabinets. Get rid of the chips that have managed to stay tucked away from last summer & make room for new yummy recipes. Check out our summer recipes on our Pinterest page.

Make it fun

Why should spring cleaning have to be the ever daunting task that is looming over our heads? Hit your favorite playlist on iTunes and split up the work. Moms – don’t try to do it all alone! The work will go much quicker if you can divide and conquer. Provide your kids, husband and friends (if you can sucker them into helping) with a checklist and a room of their own to clean.

Plan to go out for a fun activity after you conquer spring cleaning. Celebrate the spring and summer months that are on the brink. Hang in there – warmer weather is coming!

Save the best for last

Finally, tackle your garage. Okay, maybe it’s not the best. But it should be the last. Your garage can get a lot of stuff piled up throughout the winter months. It’s time to go through and determine the necessities.

You might not think of cleaning your garage as a real priority. But doing a little facelift of the garage each year can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be anything major – simply sweeping and buying new mats can make the space much more enjoyable.

We can’t promise that these tips will make spring cleaning the best time of your life. However, follow our tips and the task of spring cleaning may be a little easier than last year!

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