April showers…brings moving boxes?

We know it doesn’t sound quite as appealing as April showers bringing May flowers. But spring is one of the best times to relocate. The temperatures are warming up, and so is moving season. Squeeze your move in just before the peak of moving season. While summer is generally the busiest time for moving companies – spring offers a great deal of perks for relocating.

Avoiding major holidays

Spring is a great time for moving because there are no major holidays to work around. This is a huge perk. The holidays can be a rush and stress of their very own. You’re already experiencing enough change with moving; avoid switching up your holiday routines by relocating in the spring.

Spring flowers

Spring blooming is certainly something to celebrate. So why not make your move when the flowers are blooming and the weather is warm. You’re not sweating miserably in the heat of the summer as you load up your household goods. It is a comfortable temperature with beautiful spring coming to life  around you.

The spring weather also makes for great driving conditions to your new home. You might even want to take the longer scenic route and make a spring vacation out of the trip.

So don’t wait any longer, beat the heat and summer prices by booking your move in early spring.  Get ready for the summer seasons, and a new chapter in your life!

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