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Where Do I Need to Change My Address After I Move?

August 14, 2014 | Moving Guides & Tips

With everything else you need to do during a move, it’s all-too-easy to forget about changing your address. Especially when there are so many different places where you’ll have to change it! Utility companies, financial services, government offices, insurance companies, subscriptions, and more places will all need your new address. Then there are your friends and family members!

The right time to start changing your address is now–either during your move or shortly thereafter. Get it out of the way now, or you’ll end up inconvenienced by your old address information again… and again. Just like everything else moving-related, the secret to changing your address information is organization. Make a list, check it (twice, if you’re feeling festive), and then run through it step-by-step. Bekins is here to help, with this list of places you’ll want to change your address during your move. Consult this list when you make your own, and you’ll have switched out your addresses in no time.


America Move Assist can help finding new utility companies in your area

  • Electric *
  • Gas *
  • Water *
  • Garbage/Recycling *
  • Telephone/Mobile *
  • Cable *
  • Internet *
  • Fuel *
  • Water/Sewage *
  • Lawn/Garden Services/Pool Services
  • Housecleaning Services
  • Internet sites – iTunes, amazon, Netflix, etc.


  • Banks  – Make sure your current bank has branches in the area, if not, you may want to switching banks
  • Major Credit Cards
  • Department Store Credit Cards
  • Loan Institutions
  • Insurance Agencies * – Check to see if your coverage will need to change when moving to a different state or area.
  • Pension Plans
  • Air Rewards Programs
  • Accountant/Tax Consultant
  • Professional Memberships/Licensing Boards

Government Public Offices


  • Register children for school * – Free school reports
  • Find new physicians and dentist
  • Find a new place to a new place of worship


* Changing your address is recommended before you move


Changing your address with different services is just one of the many things you’ll have to do when you move. Managing all of these logistics can be overwhelming enough, even without thinking about the actual move!

If you need some help managing your move so you can focus on everything else, give Bekins a call. Our moving experts can take care of all things moving-related, so you can focus on getting your life in order.

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