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Planning a Move and a Wedding at the Same Time

August 9, 2016 | Household Moves

When you got engaged, you felt elated and ecstatic. Nothing could take away the joy you felt as your beloved popped the question and you said “yes.” As you’ve worked on the wedding details, you’ve established a few concrete ideas. You know exactly what music will play, where the reception will be held, and what décor will liven up your venue. In short, you’ve created a perfect vision for your wedding day.

But did that vision include a move?

It likely didn’t. If you and your partner are moving in together for the first time or moving into a new place while you’re planning your wedding, you may feel incredibly stressed and overwhelmed. A wedding and a move separately are such big life events that each causes you to feel a little flustered. When you have to plan both of these events at the same time, you may start to feel panicked and worn down.

You deserve to feel excited as you plan your wedding and your move. Below, we’ve listed several tips for you to use as you plan your next move and your upcoming nuptials. Read on to discover how you can effectively plan both events and keep your stress levels as low as possible.

1. Set a Budget

Before you dive in too deep with planning both your wedding and your move, you need to set a budget. Sit down with your partner and set a budget for each event. Even if you have family members paying for your wedding or helping with moving expenses, you’ll still want to know how much money you can spend from your own pocket.

Because a wedding and a move each come with higher expenses, setting a budget and sticking to it ensures that you and your partner still have a financial cushion once you’re married and moved in together.

2. Hire Professionals

Once you’ve set your respective budgets, hire professionals if you can. Work with a moving company and reserve a moving van and a team of movers early on. Many moving companies offer services like packing, loading, and unpacking, so their employees can oversee every aspect of your move. As a result, you can spend more time planning your wedding.

Wedding planners can also help you manage wedding plans, and these experts can oversee any small details as you focus on moving. You can even ask your wedding planner to manage additional aspects of your wedding plans if you need to spend additional time working with the movers.

3. Create Checklists and Schedules

Checklists and schedules are the easiest way to make sure you stay on task and on time.  Whether you’re an organized person or you prefer a

little bit of chaos, using a checklist and schedule will make planning a move and wedding much easier.

Use a moving checklist to stay on track with your move. This list can tell you when to perform certain tasks and who you can contact for assistance. Many checklists even break your move down into weeks and days to make the transition go faster and more smoothly.

Wedding checklists also reduce your stress as you plan. For example, The Knot’s checklist tells you what things you need to take care of during your engagement, when to finish certain tasks, and how to track important wedding details.

4. Delegate Tasks As Much As Possible

You don’t want to overload yourself as you plan these two important life events. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your family members, your friends, your wedding planner and movers, and your partner.

  • Some tasks you can delegate to these individuals include:
  • Gathering moving materials like boxes, bubble wrap, and tape
  • Packing items you don’t need immediately, like old decorations, books, and extra linens and clothing
  • Sorting through your belongings and get rid of old, unused, or unwanted items
  • Starting a guest list and planning general wedding details
  • Scheduling dress or tuxedo consultations and fittings

Ask the appropriate people to do these tasks if you don’t have time or simply can’t do them yourself. For example, your wedding planner or partner can help you create a guest list while your friends can help you gather moving materials.

5. Decide Where Gifts Should Be Sent To

One of the most exciting parts of a wedding is receiving gifts from guests who wish you and your partner a happy, successful marriage. But when you have to move before your wedding, you must decide where gifts should be sent. After all, people who can’t attend your wedding will still want to know where to send gifts.

Register on websites like Zola, where you control when and where gifts get sent to you. Your guests can purchase the gifts online without the present getting lost in the mail. Or, you could use your new address or a family member’s or close friend’s address and have gifts sent there.

6. Focus on Individual Steps

When you look at the big picture of planning a wedding and a move, you might start to feel anxious. Instead of focusing on everything all at once, take a look at the individual steps. Take things one step at a time to stay calm and collected as you plan each event.

7. Take Time to Have Fun With Your Partner

Finally, remember to have some fun. You don’t want to spend months being stressed out all the time. Take breaks with your partner. Go on a date. See a movie. Take a walk through your neighborhood. Do whatever you can to relax and unwind.

With the tips above in your arsenal, you can more easily plan a wedding and a move at the same time. If you need further assistance with the details surrounding your move, let us know how we can help you.


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