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4 Gadgets that Make Moving Easier

October 4, 2016 | Moving Guides & Tips

On the other end of the phone line, your friend explains that he or she has to go out of town on the day you have to move. So you check his or her name off your list, and you struggle not to rip out your hair with frustration. None of your friends or family members can help you relocate, and you can’t afford to schedule your move for another day.

Luckily, as infuriating as this situation may seem, you still have a way to pack and move your items on your own or with a small crew. Modern technology has created a few gadgets that can replace the helping hands you expected to rely on. Learn more about these gadgets below.

1. Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps

Even if you have a few people to help you, you will likely struggle to move large furniture pieces like wardrobes, refrigerators, couches, etc. But these big items become much easier to manage when you purchase these lifting straps.

These straps come in an “X” shape with looping harnesses at the end of each strap. The harnesses fit over your forearms or your shoulders, depending on your needs. You will need one other person for this gadget to work, but once you have a partner, you can move virtually any piece of furniture out of your home. The strap can handle weight up to 800 lbs. And as you lift, the item won’t feel nearly as
heavy as it would otherwise.

2. Milwaukee 1,000 lb. Furniture Dolly/Skate

Maybe your back can’t handle lifting, even if you use the straps and harnesses mentioned above. Or maybe many of your furniture items weigh more than 800 lbs. Technology still has a solution for you. Simply purchase the Milwaukee Furniture Dolly.

This “dolly” technically counts as a skate, as it has a square or rectangular platform with wheels at each corner. You slide this skate under your furniture or appliances to help them glide across the floor. You simply push the item you need to move rather than carry it.

This unassuming gadget spans 18 in. across and 30 in. wide. It also stands 5 in. off the ground. But despite the fact that it looks so small, it can move furniture items that weigh up to 1,000 lbs. It also features carpeted ends that protect your furniture from this dolly’s otherwise wooden frame.

3. ezmoves® Furniture Lifter

Even if you already have straps, dollies, and other gadgets to help you move large items, how will you get those items onto your gadgets? The ezmoves® Furniture Lifter gives you the solution. It has a slim lever that fits under the item you want to move and helps you tilt the object with up to 10 times your natural strength.

Additionally, this gadget comes with furniture slides that allow you to easily push your furniture or appliances out of the room. However, you may find lifting straps, skates, or dollies less physically taxing.

4. Toe Jacks

Toe jacks accomplish the same thing as furniture lifters, but they deal with even heavier items. For example, if you would normally need a forklift to raise something, a toe jack would work in its place. However, unlike a forklift, a jack can’t transport an item for you. The jack simply tilts your furniture upward so you can slide straps or dollies underneath.

Other Strategies

If none of the technologies and gadgets listed above appeal to you, you still have another option. Call your moving company. They probably offer packing and moving services in addition to driving your moving van. You’ll have all the helping hands you need for a little extra money.

Or, use your moving company’s personnel and your preferred gadgets together. You’ll have the truck loaded in no time. Simply choose the gadgets you think would help you most, and find a carrier in your area.

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