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How to Shop for a New Home

April 26, 2019 | Household Moves

Shopping for a new home can be exciting. Like any major decision, it can also be stressful. Buying a home is the most significant investment many will make in their lifetime. To help streamline the home-buying process, we have put together some do’s and don’ts as well as a home comparison sheet to keep everything organized. Read on as we help you navigate the path to homeownership and click here to access our customizable home comparison sheet.

Home For Sale

The Do’s

1.  Research: This is the fun part. Many prospective buyers begin their search online. By utilizing online tools, such as, you can quickly search for homes that meet your desired specifications. Many home search websites provide photos, virtual tours,s and information about each home.

2.  Get Pre-Approved: Unless you are paying cash for your new home, you will need to secure financing. Before shopping for a home, it is best to know your budget. By working with a lender and getting pre-approved, you will know exactly how much you can spend, and your shopping process will be much more efficient.

3.  Gather Your Documents: If you are working with a mortgage lender, you will need to provide financial documentation of your ability to repay the loan. Be prepared to provide tax returns for the previous two years, proof of employment, and several recent pay stubs to show that you are capable of making the down payment, monthly payments, and closing costs.

The Don’ts

1.  Don’t Get Emotionally Attached: We know this can be difficult, but don’t fall in love with a home before checking everything out. There may be hidden costs associated with a certain house. Before allowing yourself to get emotionally attached to a particular home, make sure you can afford all of the costs of ownership.

2.  Don’t Rush: Finding the perfect fit can take time. Avoid making rash decisions by keeping your emotions (and budget) in check.

3.  Don’t Overextend Yourself, Financially or Otherwise: Avoid buying a money pit by making sure that you can afford the financial and other costs associated with your chosen home. Finding a home that is both within budget and in close proximity to things that matter to you is important. Don’t underestimate the value of your time.

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