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The “Night Before” Moving Checklist

September 30, 2019 | Moving Guides & Tips

The night before any big undertaking tends to be restless. This is doubly true if it’s the night before a big move. You’re running over lists in your mind and probably worrying about everything that could go wrong. You can’t help but feel you must be forgetting something. Trying to figure out what that something is keeps you up. When you should be relaxing and building energy, you’re tossing and turning. There’s an easy way to avoid this problem: create a “night before” moving checklist.

Your “night before” checklist should remind you of everything you need to remember at the last second. Run through it the night before your next move. Once you’ve checked everything off the list, you’ll be able to sleep soundly. You’ll wake up fresh-faced and ready to face the day! Here’s everything you need to include on your own “night before” moving checklist:

Check in with the moving company.

You’ll want to verify the timetable and make sure everyone is on the same page. Make sure they have everything covered that you expect them to. This gives you a chance to close any gaps that may have been missed up until this point.

Finish any packing you’ve ignored.

Our hope is that you have everything packed by now. If not, finish things up now! Don’t forget to set aside your most needed items (identification, toiletries, shower curtain) in an “open first box.”

While you’re doing your last minute packing, ask yourself if anything you waited this long to pack is really necessary. If you didn’t care about those items until now, it might be better to donate or dispose of them.

Disassemble your largest furniture items.

Many moving companies charge extra for disassembly. If this wasn’t agreed upon in your moving contract, take care of it now. Moving day can be very stressful. You don’t want to double down on the stress by having to take apart a bed frame or china hutch.

Set aside some snacks.

Cold beverages, high-protein snacks and caffeine will all come in handy. If you’re feeling especially benevolent, you can set aside enough for your movers as well. Your move will be most successful with everyone fully awake, hydrated and well-fed.

Make sure you have a parking space sorted for the moving truck.

If you live in an apartment building, you might need to talk to your super about both parking and reserving an elevator for your movers. If you own your home, make sure there’s room for the moving truck before the last second. Talk with your neighbors to let them know your moving truck will be on the street and might take up a lot of space.

Letting them know gives them the opportunity to move their own cars if they’re worried about access. Besides, it’s also a polite gesture and a nice way to meet your neighbors. If you know of any road blockages or narrow access in your neighborhood, warn your movers ahead of time. Depending on how many things you’re moving, trucks can get pretty big. Don’t waste precious moving time trying to fit your truck somewhere it wasn’t prepared to be.

Make sure your car is ready.

Even if you’re hiring professional movers, your car is still going to be a workhorse on moving day. Make sure it’s cleaned out and the gas tank is full. You don’t want any unnecessary road bumps (literal or otherwise) on moving day.

These are the things you’ll need for your “night before” moving checklist. However, for all your other moving checklists, we recommend adding Bekins to the list. Give us a call today to see how our comprehensive moving and packing services can make your next move nearly effortless. We’re always happy to help make your move a great success!

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