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What Can I Do With Leftover Moving Boxes?

October 29, 2019 | Packing Guides & Tips

The work doesn’t end when moving day is over, even if we wish it did. Once you’ve made your move and successfully unpacked, you have something new to deal with: boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. If you’re organized, then they’re all folded up and put away. If you’re slightly less organized, they’re sitting in a pile somewhere… and they gotta go.

What should you do? Well, your mover could always dispose of them for you. If you’re the type to prefer reusing your boxes instead of trashing them, however, there are still plenty of options. Here are a few suggestions for what you can do with your leftover moving boxes:

Keep them. 

Most people don’t move only once in their life. If you expect you or someone close to you will move again within the next year or two, you’re gonna need boxes. Luckily, you already have boxes. These boxes!

There’s no harm in hanging onto your moving boxes for the next time you need them. Make sure to store broken-down boxes in a cool, dry place. You don’t want them to get moldy or attract pests in storage.

Donate or sell them. 

Just because you can’t use your leftover moving boxes doesn’t mean no one can. There are always local establishments that could use cardboard boxes. Community centers or local businesses could use them for storage. Local schools or churches could use them for art projects or storage. You could even make a post on Craigslist or a Facebook Marketplace offering them up to others in need. Chances are if you go looking for someone in need of boxes, you’ll find them.

Repurpose moving boxes as insulation. 

Did you know that cardboard is a great option as DIY insulation? We’re not saying that they work as a replacement for actual foam insulation in your home, but they’re still useful.  Cardboard is especially good as insulation because of the air trapped between the two outer layers of cardboard. If you have an unfinished attic or storage space in your home, use cardboard to line the walls. It’ll help prevent extreme temperatures and make your home more energy-efficient.

Use moving boxes for a fun DIY project.

There are a ton of different do-it-yourself projects cardboard boxes can be used for. Some are more practical, some are more artistic. We’ve listed some of our favorites here:


To have leftover moving boxes, you need to make a move first. When you need help getting your things from one home to another, give Bekins a call. We’ve got the expertise to help make each part of your move easy, safe, and stress-free.

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