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6 Paint-Free Ways to Add Color to Your Rental

January 10, 2020 | Household Moves, Local Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

So you’ve just moved into a new rental home and you think, “I cannot wait to decorate!” But then, just as you’re getting your ideas together, you reread the lease agreement and realize that you aren’t allowed to paint the walls! According to recent U.S. statistics, about 30% of home dwellers are renting. Of that 30%, the majority doesn’t have the option to paint. Now, that’s a lot of people who are stuck with that same old, bland, off-white hue. Not to worry. Rental property owners were actually a bit methodical in choosing that color for the walls. Luckily, you can match almost any color scheme to it. After reading our list of ways to truly make your rental pop with color, paint aside, you’ll forget what you were even worried about in the first place.

Hang a Statement Piece of Art

The easiest way to add some life to any room is to hang a large painting or framed photo on the wall. They are great as decorative pieces, of course. But, they can also act as the centerpiece of a room and create a totally different energy for the space. Take one piece of wall art and theme the rest of the room’s décor around it. It is a great starting point for someone who may be struggling to envision an end result. Take it to the next level even, and create a gallery wall. It all depends on your taste!

Add Some Colorful Seating

Some renters may be afraid to make such a bold decision, but with all the drabness of the apartment walls, adding a statement piece, such as a bold colored couch, could be the right choice for you. If you find that choosing a very saturated furniture piece is tricky or intimidating, recruit the help of a creative friend or family member. They may be able to help you pull your vision together and give you more confidence in your choice. After you have everything laid out, compliment the piece by adding a mirror or two to the wall, creating the illusion that you have added even more color to the room.

Invest in a Large Area Rug

Because the floors cover such a large space, they are a great place to add lots of color! Choosing a new area rug can be exciting too. The bigger the rug, the more colorful the room will end up. When you’ve put it in its place, start brainstorming. Pull colors from the rug and add decorative pieces in that color scheme. Using this design method can make decorating much easier.

Buy Bright Throw Pillows

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow? The best thing about these items is that they can be both functional, as well as decorative. Have a couple of neutral solids side-by-side with some fun patterns in the same color palette. Walk into any home store, and there is sure to be a wide selection to choose from. Some companies even package pillows together, so finding the right combination for you is even simpler.

Choose Eye-Catching Curtains

A great way to show off your personality and style is with the correct curtains or drapes. If you have a lot of windows, choosing colorful curtains can really go a long way in making your rental truly pop. Are you looking for a cozy, relaxing environment? Go with warm and solid colors in your curtains. For something more lively and energetic, shop for curtains with bright hues and patterns. Whatever you prefer, the perfect curtains will take the room up a level.

Greenery Goes a Long Way

Help your rooms truly come alive by adding something living to them! A floor plant in the corner of a large room can help take up some of that space, as well as make the room feel more vivid. Staging smaller plants or vases of nicely arranged flowers in a room is a also great method of adding color and making a room feel more vibrant. Not so good at keeping plants alive? Choose some life-like ones instead. Both have the same visual effect.

With these tips, living in a paint-free space can be just as cozy and personalized to you as it would be had you been able to choose your own wall colors. After all is said and done, you can feel truly accomplished. You have done what, in the beginning, you thought might be impossible.

If you are on the hunt for a new rental or have even already begun packing for a move, give us a call. Whether local or long distance, Bekins has all the resources you need for a smooth home move.

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