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It’s Finally 2021: New Year’s Resolutions You Can Apply to Your Move

January 29, 2021 | Moving Guides & Tips

Is finding your dream home a resolution for 2021? We like to think that starting a new year and moving into a new home are both great opportunities to start fresh. And sticking to those resolutions is easier when you have a great moving company to back you up.

At Bekins, our goal is to make your move — and your transition into your new life — as smooth as possible. As you plan your best life for 2021, let us help get those resolutions in order. We’ll do our part to make your move one that is happy, healthy and successful.

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Apply to Your Move

Moving is stressful. We know; we do it every day. Packing, labeling boxes, loading the truck, keeping track of everything, cleaning, organizing and unpacking – it’s all exhausting. There’s enough stress in the world without piling more on during your move.

Pack Away the Stress

Over the years, we’ve learned how to reduce the amount of stress moving causes, and we’re here to pass our hard learned lessons on. Here are a few tips to keep your move, well, moving along!

Start early. Pack a little every day and go room to room. When you give yourself a big enough window, small projects over time relieve the anxiety of a big crunch at the end.

Stay organized. From scheduling your closing to getting packing supplies to hiring a moving crew, make all the necessary arrangements as soon as possible. Keep a list and a calendar to track your progress and stay on top of what needs to be done.

Simplify. For years you’ve resolved to clean out that closet. Well, there’s no better time. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to move. Get rid of those things you don’t need any longer, and donate them to someone who can use them.

Recruit help. Whether it’s enticing your friends and family with pizza or hiring a professional moving company to do your packing, outsource the work so the burden isn’t all on your shoulders.

Take time for yourself. Don’t get so caught up in moving that you forget to stay connected and tend to your own needs. A chat with friends, a sudoku break or a jog around the neighborhood can help you re-energize and refocus for the next task.

Be Your Healthiest

Most resolutions come from a desire to be healthier. Nothing will make your move go easier than by staying healthy, mentally and physically. Now’s the time to stick with those resolutions and take your health up a notch or three. We’ve got your back with some suggestions for how to put actions to those goals:

Sleep. Did you know that consistent good sleep improves your mood, sharpens your brain and boosts athletic performance? Make it a priority to get 7-8 hours of good rest every night so that during the daytime hours you have the bandwidth to get that couch up the basement stairs.

Exercise. Like sleep, exercise is a wonder to reduce stress, improve energy and help you look better. Increased strength and energy mean you’ll be better equipped when the big day comes. Make sure you stretch and stay limber before you start hauling those heavy boxes of books.

Eat healthier. Nothing makes your body perform better than good nutrition. It’s tempting to snack between packing boxes and cleaning out closets, but swap that candy bar for an apple and some peanut butter. Other healthy high energy snacks include jerky, yogurt, bananas and trail mix. In your new home, stock your new refrigerator with healthy foods that will make your new year all the better. It’s the perfect time to overhaul those eating habits.

Center yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and some of the most successful people in the world swear by meditation. Even a ten-minute break to relax and focus on your breathing can set you up for a more productive second half of your day. Going through a move is the perfect time to cultivate this habit.

New Home, New Start

Decorating your new home could be just the thing to shift your habits and attitudes in the new year. Surround yourself with things to remind you of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Here are a few quick ideas to decorate for inspiration:

  • Hang pictures on the wall that celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Display gifts and mementos from people and places that inspire you.
  • Make books and tools easily accessible.
  • Stock healthy foods in your kitchen.
  • Reserve a quiet place to center.
  • Keep exercise equipment within reach.
  • Declutter and stay organized.

Your new home is the headquarters for the new you. Set yourself up for success from day one.

It’s Time to Move Forward, Not Backward

Bekins isn’t just a moving company. We’re in the business of life changes. We know how much rides on you having a positive transition into your new home. Call or contact us today, and let us help you make your new year one that keeps you moving forward.

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