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Should I Move Myself or Use Professional Movers?

April 5, 2021 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

Planning your move involves a lot of decisions. Tight budgets or tight deadlines might determine whether you use a professional moving company. Do you want to reduce moving costs or spare yourself most of the heavy lifting? There’s a lot to consider before moving day comes.

It’s worth looking into the pros and cons of hiring a mover before you make your final decision. Moving companies offer a lot besides just the truck and driver. Making your move successful means matching your needs with the right services for your budget. When you talk with a moving consultant, he or she might highlight some points about moving that you haven’t considered yet. If you do decide a DIY move is your best choice, our resource guides can still help you plan for the best move.

Here are a few questions to consider when deciding whether to use professional movers.

Should I Move Myself or Use Professional Movers?

How far are you moving?

If you’re staying in town, you might not need a mover or even a van. A few carloads here and there, and you can finish your move on your own time for minimal cost.

If you are traveling to a new city or state, it might not be feasible to make multiple trips to fit all your stuff in the back of your pickup. At Bekins, we specialize in long distance moves. We know that moving across one or more state lines involves a significant amount of work and planning. Having a truck and driver transport your belongings to your destination may be worth the peace of mind, especially if you have a family or a tight deadline.

How much stuff do you have to move?

A college graduate will have a lot less stuff than a family of five. If you have multiple people under your roof or if you’ve been in the same house for a long time, you might have a fair amount of stuff to haul. Add in a few specialty items like a piano or art collection that require extra attention, and a moving company suddenly looks like a good option.

A full service moving company like Bekins has the knowledge and experience to handle large households and specialty items with extra care. Supplies like pads and packing materials aren’t always easy to find on your own, and you might begin to discover you have more stuff than you thought you had.

Can you physically handle your move yourself?

Age and health limitations might restrict what you’re capable of. Being honest about what you’re able to handle on moving day will help you avoid uncomfortable or even dangerous repercussions later.

A full service moving company can take the planning and the work out of your move so you can conserve your energy for other things. We offer services like packing and unpacking to reduce the strain on you and your family members.

What is your moving budget like?

Maybe you just bought your first house. We know, money can be tight. In some cases your budget might stretch as far as enticing a few strong young friends with pizza and beer but not as far as hiring a moving team.

Bekins works with all types of budgets for all types of needs. We’re more than just a moving van that shows up on moving day. We also offer:

To stay within your budget, you can select only the services you need; perhaps that means hiring professional movers to do the heavy lifting and doing most of the packing and unpacking yourself.

You might also look into the timing of your move to stay within your budget. Bekins offers a special discount for off season moves, so if you’re moving between September and April, your budget can stretch further than it does in the summer..

What Can I Expect When I Hire a Full-Service Moving Company?

It’s hard to know what to expect when you hire a moving company if you’ve never hired one before. Your expenses go toward many steps of service that add up to a great moving experience.

  • A local moving agent. Your agent will be your point of contact for every logistic in your move.
  • A free estimate. Your agent will match you with the right services for your needs and budget.
  • Packing. Depending on your needs, do it yourself or hire our professionals.
  • Loading the truck. On moving day, the driver will inventory your items and carefully load them into our Bekins van. We make sure your belongings and home are protected with padding and wrap at every step.
  • Delivery. All your items will arrive at their destination, with everything inspected upon arrival to make sure your items are in the same condition as they were when they left.
  • Valuation protection. We offer several levels of protection to make sure all your items arrive safely.
  • Unpack. We can do it for you, including recycling your moving boxes.

Knowing what you’re missing if you choose to move yourself is an important piece of deciding whether you want to hire a moving company. You might decide you want some of these services but not all; Bekins understands. We’re here to show you how professional movers can be the best investment you ever made..

Hire a Moving Company You Can Trust

Moving is a big investment. If you decide you want a professional team to handle your move, make sure it’s one you can trust with your valuable belongings. Contact Bekins today to find out if using our professional movers makes sense and how we can help budget your move.

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