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When Should I Book my Long-Distance Move?

August 12, 2021 | Household Moves, Long Distance Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

Any kind of move is challenging, but the process will be even more difficult if you forget to hire movers. Scheduling a moving company should be number two on your moving checklist, second only to determining your budget for the move. Consider your time and wellness – both physical and mental – as resources just as important as the money that goes into your move. Straining your back can cost you in terms of time spent resting instead of getting to know your new neighborhood and in terms of money through doctor’s visits.

A long-distance family road trip, where you can just stop if you’re tired and book any old hotel room for the night with no worries, has a very different agenda than a long-distance move. With moving, there’s no such thing as booking too soon. Check out the answers to these commonly asked long-distance move questions.


Thinking about moving soon? As with any big event, the sooner you start planning, the better. Knowing that your move is booked and taken care of will take a lot of stress off your plate. The general timeline to book your move is four to eight weeks in advance – unless you’re moving in the summer, in which case you should add two to four weeks to your prep time. This will leave you plenty of time to get the rest of the details of your move worked out. Local moves don’t take as much time to get ready for, but cross-country moves require more labor and planning time.


Peak season for the moving industry is May 1 through September 1, so if your move will fall between these dates, book your movers as soon as you can. It’s a good idea to book your move eight to 12 weeks in advance during peak season if possible. Booking far in advance guarantees you the movers and dates that work best for your schedule. Don’t let yourself be stuck on moving day without movers.

In the case of an emergency relocation, you need to act ASAP. A last-minute move can seem even more stressful then normal, but the experts at Bekins are here to make it seamless. Use the Free Move Quote estimator to start weighing your options.

It’s always a good idea to have move out day a week or a few days before you need to be out of your current home. Booking in advance helps everything stay on track for your buyers or landlord.

Storage-in-transit is commonly used on long-distance moves. This is something you’ll need time to plan for if your new house won’t be ready and you need to be out of your old one.


The load date spread is a promised range of dates from one day to several days to let you know in advance when your mover will arrive at your home to pick up your household goods. With limited drivers, safety from other drivers on the road, and weather hazards as elements beyond your mover’s control, the load date spread is the best way to stay within your expectations. The spread might be wider depending on the weight of your shipment and the required extra services.

Don’t worry, though; your mover won’t just show up one of those days unannounced! For example, your Bekins mover coordinator will get in touch at least 24 hours beforehand to let you know of the driver’s progress and schedule.


Bekins’ Moving Timeline breaks down the last four weeks leading up to your move date and what you can do to be prepared on the big day. The first thing your moving company will do is an in-home or virtual estimate. This gives your mover the opportunity to see exactly what you would like moved. The estimate also gives you a more accurate cost estimate.

If you are moving any specialty items like pianos or antiques, give your movers a call when you’ve booked the move so they can make suitable arrangements. Items of extraordinary value are those worth $100 or more per pound. If you have anything that fits that description, you’ll want to talk to your move coordinator about these too. Likewise, if you’re moving from an apartment or condo, let your movers know if there will be an elevator or long flights of stairs.


Ready to book your move? Contact a local agent to learn what Bekins can do for your long-distance moving needs.

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