8 Books to Share with Your Kids Before a Move

The transition from an old house to a new house affects children in different ways than adults. Many children lack previous experience with moving, so they don’t know what to expect with such a major life change. As a parent, you want to make a move as comfortable as possible… Continue reading.


Packing Recommendations

Follow these packing guidelines to avoid packing items that are dangerous, hazardous, illegal or items you want to protect. Items that cannot be packed: Hazardous Items Cleaning supplies Solvents Paint Aerosol cans Flammables Ammunition High Value Items These special items may be packed, but since they are invaluable to you,… Continue reading.


Packing Guide and Materials

Bekins Van Lines understands that it’s important to use the correct packing materials during a move. These high-quality protective materials along with our professional movers should give you added security knowing that you’re in the right hands during your move. Talk with your local Bekins agent for more information on the variety… Continue reading.


How To Move Large Appliances

Many appliances require servicing, disconnecting and preparation before moving. Upon request, your local Bekins agent will gladly schedule a third party to provide these services, though you may be able to perform some of the requirements yourself. Refrigerators Turn off and dry out: The refrigerator should be turned off 48 hours… Continue reading.


What Not To Pack

The cartons are packed, the movers have arrived and you are ready to go. But not everything has to go, in fact, not everything is even safe to travel with you on your move. Here is a list of items recommended by Bekins Van Lines that cannot be moved with you during… Continue reading.