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July 8, 2011 | Bekins News & Events

Every good marketing plan includes elements of social media.Take your pick – there are dozens that will support your brand awareness goals. But with everyone tweeting, posting, linking, connecting and checking in, is it a one-sided conversation? The “social” part of social media means communicating – having a two way conversation when consumers contact you by posting a message on the social media platforms where your company is active. They’re talking about you and TO you and they want a response.

Case in point: Bekins is active on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A conservative selection when considering all the options, but key to our company’s ability to focus the time necessary to pay attention to what is being said. All companies utilizing social media want to hear about the great experiences, but when a customer is dissatisfied it’s so important to get social – with them. When we see a comment about a customer’s dissatisfaction with Bekins’ service, we reply, ask for contact information to continue the discussion offline and bring our Customer Care Team into the conversation. This is how we approached a situation when a customer tweeted about her issue with her delivery notification:

Really liked @bekinsvanlines until today. Why bother giving out delivery dates/times unless you actually plan to deliver. I wish I lived in a time with better business customer service.

By monitoring our Twitter feed throughout the day we’re able to respond to most posts quickly, as was the case here. After some back and forth conversation through direct messages and contact from our Customer Care Team to get the answers this customer needed, we were able to resolve the less than satisfactory situation.

The result of our efforts showed up a few days later in our Twitter feed with a thank you for a good delivery. Then, this customer took to her blog to talk about how Twitter played a part in several customer service experiences, including Bekins: Single Girl Blog . Thanks for being social with us!

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