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Bekins Honors Top Drivers

October 19, 2011 | Bekins News & Events

Congratulations to Bekins “Drivers of the Month” for the months of January to August 2011.  These drivers are selected each month in three fleets: Household Goods (HHG), Agent Household Goods (Agent HHG) and High Value Products (HVP).  Criteria determining selection includes: superior professionalism, timeliness, communications and customer service skills.  As “Drivers of the Month”, these drivers qualify for Bekins “Drivers of the Year”  to be selected in early January.  These are the dedicated and recognized Bekins “Drivers of the Month” winners.

HHG Fleet               HVP Fleet                         Agent HHG
January:     Edward Worthen      Stephen Love                     Denton Klahn
February:   Jay Pheasant             Reynir Skarphedinson    Martin Schultheis
March:         Sam Artrip                  Alphonso Marshall          Jim Hill
April:            Chris Rodman           Kenny Dupree                    John Schroder
May:              Jordy Jones               Jim Church                         Ralph Bingham
June:             Scott Hostetler         Dennis Ashton                   Mark Pettigrew
July:              Roy Martin                 Lee Price                              Nathaniel Fripp
August:        Clifford Bowe              Andrew Bennett              Andrew Cowsky


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