Great Customer Service by Bekins A-1

Giandomenico Move from GA to FL Oct. 17, 2011

Had to let you know that the service we received from Mike, Maleek and >> Isaah during our move was fantastic!  Each of these guys could not  have been more helpful or courteous.  They never stopped hustling and their positive, upbeat attitude lasted all day. What a great bunch of  men.  Bekins A1 in Atlanta is fortunate to have them as employees!


Nick & Kallie Giandomenico

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  1. Laurie Baumgartner

    I did not have such an experience as you, perhaps Bekins will post this rebuttal:
    You asked for a customer service report, so I’m responding. I’m sure you will not like what I have to say. My husband and I moved from Foothill Ranch California to Mount Vernon Washington. The salesman Dave Kraker who responded to our request for a quote was professional and informative; therefore Bekins got our business, order#5160-0781. We advised the salesman on May 20th that Bekins was selected. There should be a rule against false advertizing with professional sales people when the company is anything but professional!
    I won’t bore you with the details, as I’m sure those are registered in a database somewhere, but will give pertinent information so that you may experience our frustrations. The dispatcher, Lori for the local company called the evening before to tell us when the truck would arrive. The next morning the truck didn’t arrive and no call from the dispatcher Lori. I left several messages and finally in desperation at noon called the salesman who was flabbergasted that Lori hadn’t called. The truck had supposedly broken down. Finally at 5pm Lori called to tell us that another truck had been found and that the next morning at 8:30 the team and truck would arrive.
    Well things started to get interesting the next morning… imagine our surprise when by 9:30 no truck had arrived. Calls to Lori and Dave finally netted a response. They were sending a truck to the storage unit to make the first pickup. So by noon the truck had not arrived at the storage unit, but the team doing the moving had and they called us to notify us, they were there. Finally at 1pm, the truck arrived. The driver had not even been notified that he had a household to pick up also. He had been sent to the storage unit only. Needless to say he was displeased. He came to the house an hour after leaving the storage unit, which is 5 minutes away, something about needing to buy gas. The moving team headed by Craig was good and worked hard to get the house vacant and loaded onto the truck. We finished around 8:30pm.
    I still had to clean the house for the new owners. We had planned for 1 additional day to clean so this was NOT fun, as we were leaving the next morning at 3:45am to drive to Washington. Starting a long drive after two days of stress caused us to have very negative feelings about Bekins! During the day’s activities we found out that this was not a household moving truck and that our things were going to be moved to a warehouse and held in storage until a driver could be found to take our belongings to Washington. All of this was drawn out of the moving team, not freely communicated by the Bekins staff. This kind of corporate behavior causes customers to be angry and suspicious. Our first clue that this would not be a direct move was that a convention center moving truck arrived versus a household moving truck. By the way your customers are not as stupid as you think we are!!
    We didn’t expect our belongings to arrive over the 4th of July, but thought they might arrive sometime soon thereafter. Imagine our utter lack of surprise by the total dearth of communication from Bekins regarding the expected date. When I did manage to get ahold of someone…no call from Lori the dispatcher, and only an 800# contact for Bekins corporate from the salesman, I was informed that I had chosen to move during the busiest time of the year and he couldn’t tell me when my household goods might leave the warehouse. I spoke to his manager and I finally had a meltdown hissyfit!! So I was offered a hotel, which one can’t do with two pets, so we lived in the rental house with a blowup mattress and a folding table and two folding chairs for two weeks. The manager then reiterated that this was a busy time of year for moving companies, whereupon I told him that I really didn’t want the details of his business problems, I only wanted my goods. He then offered be $75.00/day for my inconvenience. I have received $600.00 for the delay, but would have rather had a good experience and an on time delivery.
    The manager pledged to keep me informed everyday about the progress they were making getting a driver. I didn’t hear one word over four days until Tony, a Weaton’s driver, called to say that he was planning on picking up the stuff on a Monday and should have it to us by that Friday. He delivered the goods on Thursday with a very hardworking and pleasant team. We valued his communication and efficient work.
    I heard from the corporate representative on the day before the truck was to arrive asking how my move had gone. Talk about sounding uninformed. I cannot reiterate enough that communication is the highest priority for customers and Bekins failed miserably in that capacity at every opportunity given to it! I will take every opportunity in the future to speak truthfully about my experiences with Bekins to all who will listen. Expect this information to be posted on Yelp and other moving company related sites. When things don’t go according to plan, as they are often wont to do, COMMUNICATE! By keeping customers in the loop, we feel we can continue to trust the company with our belongings, and that you are still working on our behalf to get our goods delivered.

  2. Ms. Baumgartner,

    Thank you for reaching out to Bekins Van Lines about your recent move. We sincerely apologize that it was a stressful time and that you felt the communication was lacking. We appreciate the feedback and take our customer’s opinions, thoughts and experiences very seriously.

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