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You’ve Decided to Move, Now What?

November 11, 2011 | Household Moves

As a mover, Bekins has felt the ups and downs of the real estate market.  We know how exciting it can be to move to new home. But we’ve seen how long the process can take, so be prepared.  You contact your local Bekins agent to get a price for moving.  You want to get your free estimate and can’t wait to start the move process.  But hold on…you must sell your current home first.  How do you get your house to sell?  By making it look better than all the other houses for sale in your neighborhood.  Your house must stand out!

There are so many things to consider. The move process can be daunting and overwhelming.  How do you make your house ready for to sell? Sometimes, the way your home is staged might be the most important difference in whether your house sells quickly or not.  Here are some tips about organizing, clearing the clutter and staging your home and getting it sold for top dollar.

First off – Be ready to sell your home.  Clean, repair and stage your home.  Even in this sluggish economy there are people who want to buy your home.  How do you capture these interested home purchasers? Stage your home to sell it.  You need to treat the selling of your home as a business transaction (which it really is).  The investment in staging it properly will pay off in the long run.

  • Be sure your home makes a great first impression.  You may turn off potential buyers before they ever walk into your home.
    • Be sure to take care of landscaping.  Meticulously manicured lawns and shrubs will invite potential buyers in the door.  Green grass, beautiful gardens and trimmed shrubs will make the first impression a good one.
    • Be sure that your home is in good condition.  This means paint, lighting, doors and windows.  No one wants to purchase your home and then have to repair it.  A neutral color will make it appealing to the greatest number of buyers.
    • Power-wash your home.   Be sure to wash your windows inside and out.
    • Make sure all light fixtures are in working order.  Replace light bulbs and outdated fixtures.
    • Be sure that your address is visible. Display your street address.   Potential buyers can just drive by if they don’t easily know which house is for sale.
    • Now it’s the inside of your home that matters.  What will buyers see when they walk in your front door?
      • Clean your home.  Now is the time to invest in a cleaning service.  A clean, fresh smelling home is most appealing.
      • Paint your interior in a neutral color to appeal to more buyers.  Take down outdated wallpaper and borders.  Yes a buyer can easily change it, but all they see is work, work, work.
      • De-personalize it.  Family is important to all of us; however, you need to help buyers envision your home as their new home.
        • Take down photographs, collections of knickknacks and other decorations that might deter buyers.
  • Make every room appear large and airy. Get rid of oversized furniture.  Get rid of excess furniture.  Large, uncluttered rooms sell homes!  Furniture placement should maximize the size of your room.
  • Don’t hide key selling features of your home.  Showcase your fireplace and windows.  Do not block them with furniture.  Highlight these showstoppers with properly placed furniture that feature these key selling features.
  • Get rid of the toys and clutter.  You might have children and work from your home, but no one wants to see as toy store or stacked piles of papers.  An uncluttered space sells homes.

Kitchen – One of the most important, if not the most important room in your house. Your kitchen sells your house!

    • Feature the highlights of your kitchen—newer flooring, a large eating area, ample counter space, an island or new appliances.  Kitchens can make or break the sale of your home.  The more attractive your house becomes.
    • Put away small kitchen appliances.  Cleared off, de-cluttered countertops make your kitchen appear larger and organized.  Get rid of themed items in the kitchen. You may love cows, but your buyers may not.  Make your kitchen light, bright and de-cluttered, so that buyers can envision your kitchen as their kitchen!
    • Consider upgrading your appliances.  Old outdated appliances can kill any sale.  Make your home as move-in ready as possible.  This will help your home sell faster and help you get top dollar.
    • Consider updating hardware such as cabinet knobs.  This inexpensive fix might help to modernize older cabinets and make your kitchen appear a bit more updated.
    • Bathrooms also can make or break the sale of your home.
      •  Clear off all counters.  No one wants to see your hair products, toothbrushes and electrical appliances.  Having ample storage in a bathroom is key.
      • Paint bathrooms in a neutral color.
      • Consider replacing outdated fixtures such as faucets and towel bars.  Brass may have been popular ten years ago, but they are a deal killer to potential buyers.  Update your vanity and cabinet knobs.  They might just make the difference.
      • Purchase new towels, a new shower curtains and bath accessories. This will help your bathroom appear fresh and modern.
      • Bedrooms
        • Minimize furniture to make room appear larger.  A bed, dresser and night stands is all you need in the room to make it as spacious as possible.
        • Get rid of any clutter.  Clean out your closets and keep them organized.  Buyers want large closets and organizers so that they can envision their items in the closet.
        • Update your bedding and window treatments.  Feature items in the rooms such as a large window and open space.


Before you ever consider putting your house on the market, make all necessary repairs and updates. Don’t put off projects you meant to get to; if something bothers you, it will bother a buyer.  A house in move-in ready condition will get you more showings and hopefully an offer.

Be sure to work with a Realtor® familiar with your neighborhood.  Visit other homes for sale in your neighborhood to know who your competition is.  Pricing your home becomes critical.  If your home is over renovated for your neighborhood, don’t expect to get all your costs back by pricing it too high.  Don’t price yourself out of your neighborhood.  Be prepared for some negative comments.  Be prepared for al long sales cycle.  Hopefully all of your hard work will pay off and you’ll be able to see your home and buy a new one.

When you’re ready to move, call Bekins.  Bekins Van Lines has agents across the country to help you throughout the moving process.  From packing to loading to transporting your household goods, Bekins has the expertise to help move you to your new home.  To schedule your free, in-home estimate, contact us at 866-856-6107 or visit our website to learn more about the services we provide.

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