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Bekins “No Excuse Price” is the Best Option When Moving

December 8, 2011 | Moving Guides & Tips

A Bekins customer recently wrote the Cedar Rapids Better Business Bureau to praise Bekins agent Stannard Relocations about the exceptional service they received on the move from Belle Plaine, IA to Colorado and to commend Bekins for their “No Excuse Price” guaranteed price option.

This important pricing choice worked in his favor.  Reverend Campbell stated, “…I cannot underline enough the quality of effort, the professional spirit and the thoughtfulness of those who carried out the move.  Stannard Relocations met our expectations and our expectations were high.”

He continued…”This was our last moved in a professional career that required many moves.  Eight different moving companies we approach to provide an estimate.  Stannard  Relocations was not the low bid.  There were extenuating circumstances of unloading at our mountain home that would have run substantial additional costs had we chosen any other mover.  Beyond this was the reality that the weight of our move proved in the end to be much higher than any of the estimates given.  Bekins “No Excuse Price” is worth every penny for its slight additional fee.  When it was all over, it was Stannard Relocations that provided by far, the best deal we could have arranged.’

“For all the demands and expectations we put on Stannard, we are more than satisfied with the results and would highly recommend their services to anyone.  Again I underline the value of Bekins ‘No Excuse Price.”‘ — Reverend James A. Campbell

Be sure to ask your Bekins agent about this program and to get a free quote.


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