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What Not to Move

August 23, 2012 | Moving Guides & Tips

Even in a perfect move, there are things you will want to take yourself or not at all. There are the obvious things that are oftentimes prohibited by law and common sense, such as explosives and noxious chemicals. A good rule of thumb for this category is to ask yourself, “will it explode or give off dangerous gasses?” If the answer is yes, your mover will not take it. Further, you probably do not want to take these things yourself and will want to find out what your town offers in terms of safe disposal before you move out.

Potted Plant

“Please leave me behind when you move. Don’t worry, I like it better here.”

There are also things in this category that you may not think of. For example, plants. Not only can and—most likely—will, they die in transit, you could also be running the risk of introducing it, and accompanying pests, into an ecosystem that is not equipped to handle at your new home. This is such a concern that California has laws against smuggling certain plants and animals into the state.

A second category of items are those you should bring along yourself in the event of the unforeseen. These include prescription drugs, important documents, and items of extremely high value, such as jewelry and, of course, money. Some of these things, such as your jewelry, can be covered by Bekins valuation, but it is often more sensible to transport these yourself.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions about specific items. Your local Bekins moving agent is another great resource you you would like more details

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