10 Homes First-Time Buyers Should Avoid

Imagine you just finished waving at the Bekins driver as he pulls out of your driveway, leaving you to settle in your new home. You start to unpack your things and set everything up just right. This is your first home, after all, and you are determined to make it a special place to raise a family.

You hang your precious newlywed photos on the wall and decide to have a pizza delivered because you haven’t gotten around to unpacking your kitchen utensils yet. You walk into the bedroom and open the closet to hang your clothes, and that’s when you notice a portal to another dimension. Only after a series of bizarre events and a failed exorcism do you find out that your house was built on an Indian burial ground.

This might qualify as a “geological problem,” which is number two on MSN‘s list of “10 Homes First-Time Buyers Should Avoid,” written by Liz Weston. Read up on how to avoid this problem and nine others here to ensure that your first house becomes a home and not a medium for restless souls to exact revenge.

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