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What Is a Delivery Spread?

October 4, 2012 | Moving Guides & Tips

A delivery spread is an agreed upon window of days that you will reach with your Bekins agent when drawing up your Bill of Lading. You will be expected to be available to accept delivery during those days or have someone available on your behalf.

What Makes Up Moving Delivery Spread?

A number of things go into determining your delivery spread. The two biggest factors are the size of your shipment and the distance of your move. As you may expect, the further the distance is that you are moving, the wider the spread tends to be.

As for the size, a larger shipment’s delivery spread is easier to predict than a smaller shipment’s. This is because a smaller shipment allows for more loads to fit onto the truck. A driver will often be asked to load as many shipments as possible before departing for your destination. While it is reasonable to think “first one on, last one off” and vice versa, bear in mind that many of our trailers sport doors along the side as well as the rear. This means that your actual delivery date is more dependent on where your stop falls in relation to the other customers’ stops more-so than it does the order of your loading.

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