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Create a home inventory before you move

April 4, 2013 | Household Moves

It is important to know what you own, whether you’re preparing to move with Bekins Van Lines or in case of a flood, fire or burglary. A simple, but effective, home inventory is easy to prepare with only a notebook. Consider Bekins’ room-to-room home inventory checklist for a fast and easy way to track all of your belongings.

Your living room
When documenting your living room, or any other room for that matter, be sure to be as detailed as possible. It is important to know when an item was purchased and what a replacement for that item would cost today. Start by recording furniture (couches, loveseats, sofas) and noting on the home inventory when and where you purchased high-valued electronic equipment, such as TVs and computers. Also make sure to group smaller items – like DVDs and CDs – together so they won’t be misplaced. Lastly, don’t forget the walls. Check to make sure you have documented any and all artwork you have in the living room.

Your bedroom
Begin by documenting on the home inventory the largest and most valuable items, like furniture. Next on your list should be to check your closets – inventory your clothes, shoes and accessories. For expert documentation, take photos and list the types of items within your closet, but make sure not to forget smaller clothing items like socks. Lastly, keep receipts and record expensive jewelry to include in your inventory.

Your kitchen
Start with your appliances by recording the make, model and serial numbers of your big (dishwasher, refrigerator) and small (coffee maker, toaster) items. Don’t forget to check your cabinets and drawers. Inventory and catalog your dishes, flatware and stemware. Estimating the prices of these items on the home inventory will beneficial in the case of a household emergency.

Your laundry room, attic and basement
As a collective, these rooms tend to carry quite a bit of your stuff that can go unnoticed; be focused in making sure to inventory everything in each of these areas for future practicality. Include the washer and dryer as well as items of value, such as fine china, silverware, crystal, furniture or anything else of value, that you have potentially stored in these rooms but have since forgotten.

Your garage
Round up all the tools – large and small – and sports gear to inventory. Be conscious to document all of their costs. Lastly, itemize drills, lawn movers and bicycles. Be sure to make a separate note of big purchases you have made.

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