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Planning: The key to a successful move

April 24, 2013 | Packing Guides & Tips

As professional movers, Bekins wants to help you make your relocation as peaceful as possible. One of the keys to a smooth, successful move is planning and organizing the details. Sweating the small stuff sooner than later can help prepare you for a stress-free move. Simply print this list and check off the items as you go. You’ll be in great shape when moving day arrives.

8-12 weeks before you move

 Set up house hunting trip
 Research banks, doctors, and schools in new location
 Moving for work? Discuss relocation assistance with employer.
 Host a garage sale or donate items (or both).

4-8 weeks before you move

 Contact your local Bekins agent for a free estimate
 Make list of people and companies you need to notify of your move.
 Check with school about transferring school records.
 Check with IRS or accountant if moving expenses are deductible.
 Contact insurance agent.
 Contact doctors and dentists to transfer medical records.
 Obtain change of address cards from post office or online at

3 weeks before you move

 If you are packing, begin packing your belongings.
 Compile personal records.
 Change address on credit cards and magazines.
 Arrange to have utilities disconnected the day after loading.
 Arrange to have utilities connected before your scheduled move in date.
 Arrange to have trash disconnected and connected.
 Arrange to have cable disconnected and connected.

2 weeks before you move

 Plan to use up meals in refrigerator and freezer.
 Donate non-perishable food items to Move For Hunger, or local food bank.
 Cancel all current delivery services, such as food and newspaper delivery.
 Drain all oil and gasoline from lawn mower and other power tools.
 Dispose of all flammables, cleaners, paints, aerosols, ammunition if they are to be moved.
 Transfer current prescription to new pharmacy.
 Clear out safety deposit box and arrange to take this information/documentation with you.

1 week before you move

 Finalize all travel plans.
 Provide Bekins with contact numbers and email addresses.
 Confirm pack, load and delivery dates with Bekins agent.
 Ensure major appliances are cleaned, unplugged and ready to move.

Moving day

 Review all paperwork with your Bekins driver.
 Be available to review inventory of all items being moved.
 Select “For All It’s Worth”replacement value protection on Bill of Lading.
 Double check that nothing was left behind.

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