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Holiday Tips: A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS PART 4 – Bekins

December 17, 2013 | Household Moves

A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS:  Moving during the holidays

It’s no secret that moving is stressful. It’s also no secret that the holidays can be an added stress, if you let them.  So what happens when you move during the chaos of the holidays? Should you throw in the towel before you even attempt it? Bekins wants to help you check moving your household goods off your to-do list and focus on the holidays. Here are a few tips to make moving during the holidays a bit easier.

Tip One: Santa makes a list…you should too.

Make a list of household items that you will need during the holidays. Don’t pack all of your holiday decorations away — you need them! Allow yourself to get into the holiday spirit by carrying on annual traditions. In addition to your holiday décor, make sure to pack a bag with your daily essentials. To further reduce stress, Bekins can pack the rest ( ), or leave the packing to you.

Tip Two: Be merry!

Don’t let your move affect your attitude. Remain upbeat in light of the season. Take half of the day to pack, if Bekins isn’t handling it for you, and the other half to bake holiday treats. Play holiday music as you pack, bake your traditional holiday recipes, and celebrate the season! Make the most of your move by seeking out the positive.

Tip Three : Minimize your move.

You don’t want your move waiting for you around every corner in your house. Designate a room to use as storage space for packed and labeled boxes. It may sound simple, but it will help you stay organized throughout the move as well as when you unpack your items. Ultimately, this will allow you continue with your holiday celebrations without the move surrounding you.

Tip Four: Get away.

If it is too much to even consider being in your partially packed up house – get away! Let Bekins  handle the packing and moving. This takes away the pressure to prepare your house for both the holidays and relocation. This does not have to be an extravagant vacation. It can be very cost effective if you get creative. Offer to house-sit for a friend, grab hotel room for an extended weekend, or go big and take the family on a week-long vacation. Your time away can be long or short. Take some decorations and holiday treats along to make new memories!




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