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Sunday Spotlight: Bill Ballantine’s Band

January 21, 2014 | Bekins News & Events

Who is Bill Ballantine?

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Bill Ballantine is a successful salesman for Corlett Movers & Storage, an agent for our partner company Wheaton World Wide Moving.  After 5 p.m. though, Ballantine takes off his sales hat and transforms into a rock and roll phenom.  Night after night, he becomes what so many people dream of: the drummer for his rock band, The Clayton Brothers Band.

The Clayton Brothers Band

Formed in 2004, The Clayton Brothers Band came together because the five band mates wanted to have fun playing some of their favorite songs.  All of the members of the band proudly claim themselves as members of the Baby Boomer generation, so the band naturally gravitates more towards songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

Not Your Average Band

Make no mistake – this isn’t your average oldies band.  “When we pick our music, we always have and always will choose a more primitive approach to our song selection,” explains Ballantine.  “When we look for songs, we look for ones that have some attitude. We cover bands like The Kinks and Yardbirds.” This distinct musical style is what has put the Cleveland-based band on the local map.

Musical Style

The Clayton Brothers Band weren’t sure that they would be able to cultivate loyal listeners who liked the same, somewhat obscure music as them. Much to their surprise though, they’ve garnered quite a cult following with an audience that grows every year. “We play music that is truly special and music that is loved by people of all ages.  Every night that we play, we make a connection to our audience that can’t be matched.” It’s that audience connection that has kept the Clayton Brothers Band playing for all these years.

When asked what Ballantine’s and the band’s goal was in playing, he said it’s very basic. “We want to have fun and we want to invite the audience to have fun, too.” Judging by the pictures, it looks like The Clayton Brothers Band have achieved that goal.

Wheaton World Wide Moving Connection

Bill Ballantine has worked for Corlett Movers & Storage since 1986 and except for a brief year and a half break, has worked there for all 27 years.  Ballantine is a sales person at Corlett and has enjoyed his years both with Corlett and with Wheaton. “Wheaton is responsive from the top on down the line. As a sales person, knowing that your agency and your van line do what they say they going to do is imperative and Wheaton does that,” Ballantine said.

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