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Valentine’s Day with Bekins

February 14, 2014 | Bekins News & Events

Valentine’s Day

Some love it. Some hate it. Either way the big day has arrived, so it’s time to embrace it. The expectation of what the day will hold is often where we go wrong. It’s time for a change this year. We want to challenge you to be expectant without expectation. Anything could happen today, but unrealistic expectations of the day will set it up for failure. Whether you are spending the day with friends, a significant other, or your adorable Labradoodle pup – consider these thoughts as you go throughout the day today.

Have a happy heart

Be thankful for what you have and the gifts you receive today. Having a thankful attitude is a key factor to a successful Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind that gifts do not have to be materialistic items. Gifts can be something as simple as enjoying time together. Be thankful that you can spend quality time with the ones you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a million-dollar-date or sitting on the couch in your sweats.

Take advantage of flying solo this Valentine’s Day

So you’re not on the most romantic date of the year today – that’s okay!  Take advantage of much underappreciated alone time. Write out some goals & ideals that you want to work toward this year then recharge and reward yourself by indulging in a few of your favorite activities. It is important to recognize accomplishments & feel good about them. If you happen to be spending the day alone, why not reward yourself a bit. You deserve it!

It’s simple andto the point. Not losing sight of realistic expectations for the day is crucial. Our wish from Bekins is that today you will celebrate life and happiness and truly embrace Valentine’s Day in the best way!

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