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What you need to know before signing a lease

March 14, 2014 | Household Moves

It’s important that you have a complete understanding of the terms of agreement that you are bound to in a lease. While there are numerous things you should consider prior to signing at the dotted line, Bekins has narrowed it down to a few specifically important details.

What is my payment Plan?

  • When is rent due? How much is rent? Who do you turn rent in to? While these may seem like obvious questions, you do not want to get ahead of yourself and forget the simple questions.
  • Is there a pro-rate rent? Relocating doesn’t always come at a convenient time. If you are moving in closer to the middle or towards the end of the month, ask the landlord if you can pro-rate the cost of rent. You don’t want to be spending any unnecessary money!
  • So there is an awesome work out facility and car portals, convenient for the winter months, but are they included in the rent? Be sure to ask and specify what amenities are included in rent before you are sold on the apartment.
  • In addition, it is vastly important to inquire about utilities. The price of rent might not be outrageous, but the price utilities can be a game changer.   Be sure to clarify.

Can I bring my furry friend?

  • A lot of apartment complexes have limits on pets that they will allow. Inquire about the size and types of pets allowed. Our pets often become regular members of our family, so do them a favor and double check before you accept a lease!

Talk to current residents

  • While the landlord will give you every reason to believe that living in this apartment will be comparable to spending everyday in paradise – selling the apartment is his or her job. Therefore, checking in with current residents is a great idea. Make casual conversation with the surrounding units. This is a great way to interact with your potential neighbors and get a feel for the sense of community. It is also a great way to get realistic answers that are not based on a sales pitch.

Is there a property manager on site?

  • Your dishwasher goes out – who will fix it?  Is there a maintenance manager on call? Who handles emergencies or minor maintenance issues? Be sure to request information on the process for filing a maintenance request.

Make sure to consider some of these topics before committing to your next lease!


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