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Basic Tips You Might Overlook While You Pack

January 20, 2016 | Packing Guides & Tips

You feel excited and exhilarated for your next move. You look forward to a new city and different experiences. However, you may feel less than enthusiastic about packing up your current home. The idea of moving to a bigger house or a better area appeals to you, but the actual process of moving doesn’t.

You can rely on modern technology, like phone apps (such as Moving Van), or heavy-duty moving equipment to make the process easier. But with new technologies at your fingertips, you might overlook some of the simplest packing and moving techniques.

Below, we’ve listed basic tips for you to use as you prepare for your next move.

Form a Plan and Stay Organized

Before you start to pack up your closets and dressers, you should make a plan. Start packing at least one month before your move. Purchase a fridge calendar, and write the name of one room on any given day in the month. Repeat this step until every day has a room’s name on it. With this technique, you can more easily focus on the tasks at hand.

To further your efforts, create small “to-do” lists for each room. When you work in each room, you’ll already know how to prioritize your packing.

Once you’ve established a schedule, you’ll want to find ways to stay organized. To regulate the entire process, fill a bucket or small tub with markers, tape, boxes, and trash bags. Carry the container around from room to room to have these materials on hand.

Pack Your Clothes to Save Space

It seems awkward to pack closets full of clothes and hangers into dozens of boxes. You might even feel that this packing method takes up your valuable time. Skip throwing clothes into boxes, and simply use garbage bags to organize handfuls of hung clothes into “pods”.

Poke a little hole in the bottom of a large garbage bag, stick 4-7 hangers through the hole (with clothes on them), and tie the bag at the opening. You’ve just made yourself an easy garment bag that will keep your clothes organized and clean. Label the bags by person or purpose for extra utility.

Or, if you prefer, invest in wardrobe boxes from your local moving company. Wardrobe boxes are specially designed for hanging clothes so you don’t have to awkwardly carry clothes and drape them over something in the moving truck or your car. Wardrobe boxes are an easy way to transport clothes while keeping them wrinkle free!

Organize Small Items

As you pack, you don’t have to worry about larger items, such as furniture. Since these items usually stay in one piece, you can easily move couches and beds between locations. However, you might spend a lot of time figuring out how to pack and store smaller objects.

Store bracelets, earrings, and chunky necklaces in empty egg cartons for easy organization. Put more delicate or longer necklaces on toilet paper rolls for a simple hanging solution.

To organize screws and bolts, stick them in a plastic bag with instruction booklets and a printed out picture of the assembled piece. Tape the bag to the item it belongs to so you can keep everything straight. And in the kitchen, place your spices inside large pots for no-fuss transport

Label Your Boxes Before You Load Them

Once you’ve packed everything up, you can load your moving van. And before you move your boxes into the truck, label them on the side instead of on top. When your boxes are stacked sky-high in the moving van, you’ll be able to easily identify where each container belongs in your new home.

Use these tips to maximize your time and get into your new home faster. To save even more time and effort, hire a professional moving company to load and transport boxes for you.

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