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Thinking About Moving Yourself? 6 Risks You Should Be Aware Of

December 14, 2016 | Moving Guides & Tips

When you accept an exciting job in a new state or purchase your dream home across the city, you likely have a lot of emotions to work through. You feel excited about this new milestone you’ve reached. You feel a little nervous and scared at the change that you’ll soon face. You think about all the things that you need to accomplish, and many of those thoughts probably center on the move you have to organize.

How soon should you start packing? What steps do you need to take to make your move successful? When is the best time to move? Of all the questions you ask yourself, “Should I move myself or hire a moving company?” is likely the biggest one you have to consider.

Moving yourself seems to be the easiest way to get your entire household from point A to point B. However, there are a lot of risks that come with packing and moving without professional assistance. In our blog below, we discuss six risks you face when you decide to move yourself. Read on to discover what potential hiccups you could face if you choose this route and find a better alternative to solve your moving woes.

1. Higher Costs
One of the primary reasons you may not consider hiring professional movers is because you believe the service is too expensive. You may think that moving yourself is significantly cheaper, which is why you think this option is the best one for you.

However, when you move yourself, you actually have more costs to cover than if you hired a professional. You have to pay for packing materials (such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap) and gas for your vehicle. If your vehicle sustains damage during the process, you’ll have to pay for repair costs.

If you have a smaller car, you’ll have a harder time moving large hauls between your old and new homes. You’ll likely need to rent a moving truck or trailer to transport everything in one go. Additionally, some boxes may be too heavy to lift, and you’ll need to rent a dolly to effectively get these items out of and into different spaces.

2. Wasted Time
You also have to sacrifice a lot of your personal and work time to get everything accomplished. After you’ve collected boxes and organized and packed everything, you’ll have wasted about 50 hours. You’ll then spend even more time loading and unloading boxes and driving between locations.

3. Insufficient Experience
Expert movers are trained to properly move boxes and organize them inside a moving truck. This training helps them move your belongings without breaking anything. But if you move yourself or have friends help you, you may not have sufficient experience to move your items safely and organize them in an effective way.

4. Not Enough Muscle Power
Before moving day arrives, you’ve likely asked family and friends to help you move to your new home. But when the day finally rolls around, some people might not show up. As a result, you’ll be left to load and unload everything with less manpower. So, your move will take much longer to finish than if you’d hired professional movers to assist you.

5. Lower Security
During a move, both your current home and your new one are left open so you and your helpers can move in and out of the building with ease. In effect, you leave your house and its contents unattended. Likewise, when you go back inside to grab more boxes, you leave your car or trailer open to the world.

When you leave your belongings, car, and house unattended, you greatly lower your security. And with lower attention and lax security, your belongings become more susceptible to theft.

Additionally, if you lose something during the move, you’ll have to replace it on your own. When you utilize professional movers, you can invest in insurance options that cover the cost of items lost or damaged during packing, loading, and transit.

6. More Injuries
If you lack a professional’s training and experience, you have a higher risk of injuring yourself as you lift and carry boxes. Without proper lifting techniques, you are more likely to strain, sprain, or tear your back. You can more easily damage your shoulders and knees as well. You could even drop a heavy box or piece of furniture and seriously injure your feet or hands.

Professional Movers – A Better Solution
Why put yourself and your belongings at risk while you’re preparing for your next move. Instead of moving yourself to your new home, contact a professional moving company and a team of movers to assist you with every step of your upcoming relocation.

As you rely on these experts, you’ll ensure that your belongings are safe and that they arrive at your new home in one piece. You’ll also reduce your risk for injury, which allows you to better enjoy this upcoming change.

For more tips about moving, read our other blog posts or get in touch with a Bekins representative today.


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