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The 3 Worst Parts of Life in Portland-and the 3 Best

December 20, 2016 | Bekins News & Events

Thanks to shows like “Portlandia,” everyone in America is familiar with Oregon’s unique vibe. While you’ve lived in the city, maybe you’ve done your part to keep Portland weird and unique, or maybe you’re tired of the area and want a change of pace.

No matter how you feel about moving away from Portland, though-whether you’re upset to leave it behind or glad to bid it good riddance-you’ll probably discover that once you’re gone, you’ll miss a few things. At the same time, even if you love almost everything about Portland, you’ll definitely be glad to have escaped from a few of the city’s most obnoxious aspects.

To get a well-rounded view of the city you’re about to leave behind, read our blog below. Then, call our capable movers to leave the city on the right note-happy, stress-free, and excited about the future.

3 Things You Hate About Portland

You might be a devout Portland fan. However, everyone knows the city has its downsides. Regardless of whether or not you want to move, breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to deal with these troubles any longer.

1. Too Many People

One of the main reasons people move to Portland is to enjoy the unique scenery and the outdoorsy culture. But as Oregon has grown into the granola capital of the United States, there’s been an influx of people hiking through its forests.

When you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you often want to be alone in nature or to enjoy a short hike with a select, smaller group of friends. These types of activities are getting harder and harder to find in Portland proper.

For instance, think of Multnomah Falls. This scenic waterfall is just 40 minutes away from Portland, and it’s one of the area’s most breathtaking sights. However, if you want to see the waterfall up close without enduring a parking nightmare, you have to go in the middle of a weekday or wake up at six to make it to the parking lot before it’s completely full.

If you move to a lower-population area that still hosts beautiful scenery, like Salt Lake, you can get all the perks of enjoying nature without the drawbacks of the endless frustration other humans cause.

2. Too Much Rain

Portland actually doesn’t experience quite as much rainfall as other coastal areas in Oregon. Still, the state scores high on rates of Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression, in part because of the overcast skies. If you’ve always disliked the gloom, you’ll find that a move to a sunnier place, like Colorado or Utah, will make you happier.

If you move inland, you also won’t miss the tendency for every spare surface in your home to sprout mildew. Like everyone else, you’ll have to look out for mold in your humid bathroom. Otherwise, though, you won’t have to worry constantly about mold and mildew ruining everything from your basement to your kitchen counters.

3. Too Few Homes and Too Much Rent

Portland is one of the country’s top relocation destinations, which means homes, apartments, and condos are in short supply. If you somehow managed to purchase or rent a house in the city or its suburbs, you’re probably paying a very high mortgage or rent. Consider yourself lucky when you move anywhere else in the country-you’ll probably end up paying a much lower rate on your new home.

3 Things You Love About Portland

The rain, overabundance of people, and high bills can put a dent in your happiness. But you lived in Portland for a reason. Before you head out of the state for good, take a moment to revisit some of the things Oregonians love the most about Portland.

1. The Diverse Climate

From Portland, you can quickly reach an assortment of diverse landscapes, from the stark cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge to the glaciers and snowfields of Mount Hood. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another major American city with such a wide range of temperatures, weather patterns, and unique landscapes, all within a few hours’ drive of the city.

2. The Farmers Markets and Local Businesses

Even if you’re one of the rare Portland-dwellers who hates the hipster, granola life, no one can say “no” to Portland’s fantastic local businesses or the fresh fruit at its frequent farmers markets. Portland also has a huge number of local microbreweries.

Make sure to visit your favorite shops, stores, and markets before you leave-you might not miss the traffic they create, but you’ll miss the community and delicious food unique to Portland’s hippie culture.

3. The Gardens

Since Portland gets a lot of-but not too much-rain, it provides gardeners with the perfect climate to grow flowers of all shapes and sizes, especially roses. Whether you prefer the Japanese Gardens at Washington Park or the International Rose Test Gardens, most Portland residents love the sweet scent of these flowers and the way the decorate the city. Take time to stop and smell the roses before you quit Portland.

Benefit From Your Moving Experience

Whether you love to hate Portland or you hate to leave it, you’ll definitely find you miss a few things about Portland and are over the moon to be free from others.

Once you’ve made up your mind to leave the city, don’t wait to get in touch with our moving company. We’ll ensure you have a pleasant experience as you head to a different area-one that will certainly have as many things to love about it as Portland.

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