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The 6 Best US Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

January 31, 2017 | Bekins News & Events

Does your current city lack the beautiful scenery and outdoor opportunities you’ve always dreamed of having? Do you want your kids to experience the open air and physical activities a nature-friendly city offers? Are you a hiking or skiing enthusiast looking for a change of scenery?

No matter your moving situation, you’re sure to love life in one of the outdoorsy cities listed below. Work with a team of experienced movers to enjoy a stress-free move, then get outside to enjoy the benefits one of the following cities offers.

1. Portland, Oregon
It should come as no surprise that Portland tops many lists of the most outdoor-friendly cities in America. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that more Americans move to Oregon than any other state.

Because of its diverse environment, Portland is the perfect destination for a variety of outdoor adventurers. Surfers enjoy the nearby sandy beaches, which are colder but less dangerous than some beaches in warmer climates. Hikers can enjoy mountain trails on Mount Hood or forest trails in the Columbia Gorge. And the many lakes and rivers offer plenty of chances for fishing and kayaking.

But Portland does more than just give residents and visitors plenty of opportunities to escape the big city to enjoy nature. It’s also one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. Whether you’re tired of endless commuter traffic or you simply want to spend more time exercising outside, put Portland on the top of your moving list.

2. Boulder, Colorado
Do you love both hiking and rock climbing? Then you can’t do any better than Boulder, Colorado. Like Portland, Boulder offers its residents plenty of miles for cycling, but its biggest outdoor draw is its nearby climbing spots.

The city is surrounded by 36,000 acres of open natural space, including spots for recreation and conservation as well as nature preserves. And with an average of 300 sunny days per year, you can always find an excuse to get outdoors in Boulder.

For the best rock climbing in the area, head out to the popular Eldorado Canyon. This state park also offers beautiful hiking trails and scenic riverside views. And in the wintertime, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can find the perfect ski trail at the nearby Eldora Ski Resort.

3. Asheville, North Carolina
If you prefer the South to the West, Asheville might be the perfect place to settle. Asheville is smaller than popular outdoor destinations like Portland and Boulder, which makes it perfect for families and individuals who prefer a small-town feel.

This picturesque city is nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, which offer great opportunities for scenic drives, hikes, and even exciting zip-line expeditions. But the Blue Ridge Mountains aren’t the only outdoor destination for Asheville locals. From Asheville, you can also reach the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Pisgah National Forest.

Each area offers a unique look at a diverse ecosystem where plant and animal life thrive.

4. Burlington, Vermont
Burlington is a relatively small college town located just 50 miles away from the Quebec-Vermont border. It’s also located near the shores of Lake Champlain, the US’s sixth-largest lake. The Lake Champlain Islands, located midway between Montreal and Burlington, offer endless opportunities for family fun and recreation.

Like Portland, Burlington offers its residents several diverse ecosystems to enjoy. If you’re tired of your time on the lake, head up to the nearby Green Mountains, which form a crucial part of the Appalachian Mountains. Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing.

If you don’t enjoy humidity or snow, though, Burlington might not be for you. The city’s humidity makes for cold winters with plenty of snow and humid, though relatively mild, summers.

5. Portland, Maine
Like Portland, Oregon, this East Coast city gives residents scenic ocean views and plenty of opportunities for kayaking, sailing, rafting, and canoeing. You’ll also benefit from the 100 miles of nearby hiking and walking trails.

If you move to Portland, be aware of the typically harsh coastal New England winters. But if you can survive the chilly, icy winter, you’ll have three temperate and beautiful seasons to look forward to. And, of course, there’s always winter skiing to look forward to at resorts like Sugarloaf.

6. Flagstaff, Arizona
If coastal and lakeside towns don’t pique your interest, maybe it’s time to turn to the high desert instead. But Flagstaff isn’t your typical, hot Arizona city. At 7,000 feet of elevation, it’s surrounded by the Coconino National Forest, which is one part of the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest. This gives you sweeping mountain views and unique canyons, plus a moderate climate and wintertime skiing.

The city also caters to its active population. Flagstaff’s urban trail system connects pedestrians, cyclists, and runners to sites throughout the city and to the surrounding national forest.

Of course, if you get tired of the mountain or forest, simply head over to the Grand Canyon-it’s only 90 minutes away.

Let Your Movers Help
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