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5 Tips to Prepare your Home and Family for Hurricane Season

July 19, 2019 | Moving Specialty Items

With the beautiful summer season upon us, we often forget that we are also in the middle of hurricane season. Sudden downfalls of rain, high winds, and power outages are often a threat during this time of the year. It is important to prepare your home and family before a storm hits, no matter how big or small it may be. Here are just a few helpful tips to get you through the effects of harsh weather.

1. Clean up the Yard

Things like lawn chairs, toys, and even low-hanging branches on trees can be a threat to your home in the event of a storm. They can easily become dangerous when being tossed around in the wind, possibly hitting and damaging parts of your home or even hurting someone. Pick up these kinds of items and store them in a safe place such as the basement or attic.

2. Seal Windows and Doors

Check all of your windows and doors, especially on lower levels of your home. Improper sealant can cause leaks and possible water damage. Keeping these as airtight as possible will also help your home to be more energy efficient.

3. Build an Emergency Kit

You never know if, when, or for how long you may lose power in your home as a result of a bad storm or hurricane. Experts say that you should prepare an emergency kit containing at least three full days of water and non-perishable food items per family member (don’t forget to include your pets!), medications you may need, a radio, candles, flashlights and batteries, and a first aid kit

4. Locate Utility Shut-Offs

One of the first things you should have done when you purchased your home was to locate where your water, electricity, and gas shut-off valves are. This will be even more helpful in the event of an emergency. Wait until your local officials tell you if/when you should shut these utilities off.

5. Have Insurance Documents in an Easily Accessible Location

In the event of a disaster, your homeowner’s insurance policy will be of great value to you! You will need proof of insurance when you begin to file any claim(s) in the future. Keep physical documents handy or store electronic files in an Internet cloud account.

While all of these tips are useful during an emergency weather event, Bekins suggests all homeowners keep these recommendations in the back of their mind throughout the year and especially, if you are planning a move in the near future. Cleaning, organizing, and proper sealing of doors and windows are all value-added activities you can profit from when selling your home. If this is part of your plan, contact a Bekins agent today. We would be happy to help with all of your local and long-distance moving needs.

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