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7 Reasons to Move out of the City and Into the Country

July 26, 2019 | Household Moves

When you are young and adventurous, moving to a big city can be a very exciting option. You’ll go to college, start your first big job, make friends, and go out on the town almost nightly. It’s a great lifestyle for so many people. Eventually though, as we get a little bit older, that high-speed life can get a bit tiring. Being a life-long city person isn’t in everyone’s blood and moving to the country has plenty of perks that you may not even know about.

You Will Get Much More Bang for Your Buck

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is one of the most important aspects of moving out of the city. Less people means less competition and in turn, lower housing prices.  Just to put things into perspective, the average cost of a studio apartment in Brooklyn, NYC is about $2,350 per month. Move a bit north to a small town like Patterson, NY, and you could be getting three full bedrooms for the same price.

You Will Get the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had in Your Life

It may take a little getting used to the silence of the countryside, but eventually, it will be your best friend. We are constantly filling our ears with music, noise from the TV, or just every-day life. Silence is good for you! When you have less sound at night, there is nothing to wake your brain. Getting a full night’s sleep will become easier. You’ll wake more refreshed and ready to begin your day.

You Might Pick up a New Hobby

If you’re moving to the country, you most likely already possess an appreciation for nature and wildlife. Biking in the city is generally just meant to get you from point A to point B, while country living will provide a simple, scenic ride. Hiking is another nice option. You may even take up cooking as a relaxing activity. Either way, you’ll be faced with a much more narrow lineup of restaurant choices, so getting in the kitchen isn’t a bad idea.

You’ll Learn a New Language

Well, not a real language, but the language of the town. It seems like every community has their own way of naming local stores, roads, or attractions in their area. Once you start talking to locals, you’ll soon find yourself talking like a local. It feels almost like an exclusive club and once you learn the lingo, you will develop a sense of community and pride in where you live.

You’ll Learn to Slow Down and Enjoy the Little Things

Living in the city, everyone seems to be in a rush. There are too many people and everyone’s own destination seems to be more important than yours.  In a more rural setting, you will learn to stop and smell the roses, figuratively and literally (there are actual gardens in the country!).  You may even drive your car a bit more leisurely – which may be a good idea considering there are deer and other animals frequently crossing roads.

You’ll Breathe Easier

One of the biggest downfalls of city life is the pollution! After some time, you may not even give it a second thought. That is, until you escape it. The country, with it’s open fields and plenty of greenery, offer smog-free breathing. People who have moved out of the city have reported vast improvement in breathing, allergy, and asthma symptoms; they even have more energy.

You’ll Become a Local…and you’ll like it!

Community is a big part of smaller towns. People want to connect with each other. You may have been just another face in the crowd back in the city but in the country, you will be noticed every time you step foot into your local coffee shop. You won’t even realize it’s happening, but you’ll start making friends with business owners and other “townies” and your own appreciation for community and friendship will suddenly be much higher.

Moving from city to country is an enormous change, but one that could be the right one for you. To those who are looking to move on from that fast lifestyle, the country has benefits that the city simply cannot offer.

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