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10 Creative Storage Tips for Small Space Living

August 23, 2019 | Household Moves

With all the popularity of tiny homes, downsizing is a popular trend these days and many people are making that lifestyle change. Whether you are eliminating unnecessary space to reduce your global footprint, or you just moved to the city into a smaller home, storage can be a challenge! Here, we’ve gathered just a few ways to make the most of your small space

Under the Bed Storage

The most useful space is one that many people use, even in larger homes. Under the bed storage is a great way to use some of that wasted space and hide some things you may not want on display in your home. Boxes and rolling bins are a great idea for this area and can store your shoe collection, out-of-season wardrobe, linens and more.

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves!

Think about all that wasted wall space you have. Shelves can go almost anywhere! They can become book storage, a decorative piece for knick-knacks or an extra place to stack dishes in the kitchen. The possibilities with shelving are endless and can be used in any room in the house! Floating shelves are an attractive option that can save even more space.

DIY or Buy a Fold Down Desk

As stated above, your wall space is a gold mine of functionality opportunities! Build or buy a simple desk or table top that attaches to the wall and can be tucked away when not in use. Whether it folds down or stays put, it will use up much less space than a bulky full-size desk with drawers or a dining table.

You Can Never Have Too Many Hooks

Hooks will be your new best friend when moving to a smaller place. These versatile and inexpensive tools can be used to hang towels, coats, and even cooking utensils, mops and brooms, and jewelry. There are so many uses and seemingly endless variations of walls hooks. If you are worried about getting your apartment deposit back, some can even be removed without causing damage to walls.

Think Vertically

Not everything needs to stay grounded. Think about purchasing a tall bookshelf. Mounting it to the wall and up off the floor can even give the illusion of more space. If you have a bike, mount that to the wall or hang it from the ceiling instead of letting it become an eyesore lying around the house. You can even think this way inside your kitchen cabinets. Organizers that stack your pots and pans higher will use up the top half of that cupboard that is always empty.

Coffee Table and Ottoman Storage

Simple and stylish, coffee tables and ottomans with built-in storage are a favorite among home buyers and renters. These pieces of furniture both look good and have functionality. You can store throw pillows and blankets, remote controls, and other odds and ends in them while they aren’t being used.

Use Spaces Above Cabinets and Doorways

Add a shelf above a doorway for added storage or place some decorative, yet functional baskets on top of unused cabinet space. These are nice little storage spaces that many people don’t even realize are available to them. Visually, what you create can even end up adding a little something extra to the room.

Buy Collapsible

Foldaway items are great for small spaces. Collapsible tables are nice for getting some work done or eating breakfast because they can then be put away in just a few seconds. Modern TV Tables are not as tacky as your grandmother’s were. Picking up a cute set is a great option too.

Behind-the-Door Storage

Make use of over-the-door shoe and jewelry racks. Simple door hooks are also a popular choice among small space dwellers. Stacked up items can be an eyesore, which is why using these organizational items on the inside of a closet door is perfect. When you shut the door, it’s out of sight.

Multi-Use Storage Cube Organizers

Cube organizers are super helpful for small home living. Their popularity has been on the rise for the last few years, presumably for their typically low price tag and ability to customize. You can buy different colors and patterns for the boxes placed in the cubes, which function as storage, while the entire piece of furniture can be used as a table top.

Getting settled, organizing, and decorating a new space can be a fun experience when you move to a new space, no matter how small or large it is! Moving to a smaller home though, typically means only bringing the pieces of furniture and décor that mean the most to you. If you need a reliable mover who cares about what they do to protect your household goods, call your local Bekins agent today. We’d be happy to help.

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