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How to Prepare For the Unexpected During a Move

August 31, 2019 | Moving Guides & Tips

Murphy’s Law states that, “If something can go wrong, it will.” Murphy’s Law of Moving states that, “If something unexpected and stressful can happen during your move, it’s going to.” Whether it’s financial, logistical, or otherwise, the unexpected is never good during an already stressful move.

If you’re wondering how you can prepare for the unexpected during a move, you’re in the right place. It involves a little extra planning, rolling with the punches and a few pieces of expert advice. Advice like this:

Create a budget.

A successful moving budget will help you best keep your move in check. You should have a plan written down for projected costs for movers, packing materials, travel, insurance, and more. 

The most successful budgets include a contingency for emergencies. While making you’re budget, set aside 5-10% of the total for the unexpected. If no surprises happen, that’s extra money you can put into your new home. If surprises do happen, then you’ve already got the money planned to cover it. 

Take time to consider potential pitfalls.

The easiest way to avoid the unexpected is to, well… expect it. We’re not saying to write down every potential problem you may have. We’re just saying that it’s helpful to take time to consider possible issues you may face during your move. 

If you’re flying cross country for a move, for example, there’s a chance your bags will get lost. If you’re traveling with plants, there’s a chance they may get damaged in the move. If you’re bringing your dog with you, there’s a chance they won’t travel well. By considering possible problems before they happen, you can stay ahead of the game if they do happen.

Cultivate a support network.

This advice applies to handling the unexpected in all areas of your life, not just moving. Foster a support system to make sure that when surprises happen someone has your back. If you’re moving to a brand new place and don’t have the support network you’re used to – that’s okay! 

Work on creating a support network by reaching out to new coworkers, neighbors and community members. Join a community group on Facebook before you move. Reach out to leaders in your new community, such as networking groups, parenting groups, or the PTO at your child’s new school asking for advice. Many leaders get into their roles because they want to help people, so let them help you. Visit the library in your new town and find out what clubs or classes they offer. Look up nonprofits in your new area to find out how to volunteer. Making friends is all about offering the support you’re hoping to receive.

Learn techniques that foster relaxation.

It’s really easy to let things spiral out of control when something stressful and unexpected happens. Take some time to teach yourself how to handle stress before it happens. 

How you destress is up to you. You can try meditation, healthy eating or taking a break to practice some yoga. Figure out how to destress effectively, and you’ll be much more prepared to handle the unexpected.


Another way to avoid unpleasant surprises during a move is by working with a trusted moving company. Contact Bekins today to learn more about how we can make your next move as streamlined as possible.


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