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6 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Partnering with a Charity

September 6, 2019

Your Company Will Gain Revenue

Consumers, especially millennials, are more likely to spend money on a brand if it supports a worthy cause. In fact, this was proven in a study done by The Boston Consulting Group in 2012. Millennials make up about a quarter of the U.S. population. That is a huge chunk of your company’s audience. Since childhood, they are taught more actively than Baby Boomers about recycling, sustainability, and community outreach. As adult consumers, they are 37% more likely to purchase items or services related to a specific cause, according to the study.

Employee Engagement Will Boost Morale

Partnering with a charitable cause for a special event brings people together. Everyone is working toward the same goal as a team. Getting your employees out of the office for a fundraising event or volunteer opportunity forces them to work with people they haven’t worked with before and it’s a nice change from the day-to-day grind. All in all, charitable events provide a great atmosphere that most employees will be proud to say they took part in.

Increased Credibility of Your Company

Creating a good image is one of the most important processes in building a company. What better way to do that than to expand your community outreach efforts? If your audience and community are aware of your efforts, you are much more likely to gain their trust. Other businesses may even think of you in this same light, building an even stronger foundation for your company. Having this strong sense of community within your company and beyond will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Great PR Opportunities

Of course, community action events and fundraisers are a great opportunity for your marketing department to brag about the company! Followers of social media love to see the behind-the-scenes of a company they respect, especially if the content highlights an event raising money for a great cause. Since you are partnering with another organization, your PR efforts will reach both your audience as well as theirs. What a great way to spread the word and gain additional followers!

Two Organizations are Better Than One

As noted above, more than one organization, working together, will expand both audiences. Working together with a charitable organization, your company will gain insight into how to successfully perform a charity event, and their organization will receive an audience they hadn’t had before. It is a win-win relationship for both parties. Altogether, word of the event will reach more people, be more organized, and eventually become more profitable than it would have been had it been performed by just one of the organizations alone.

Most Importantly, You Will Be Raising Awareness About an Important Issue

Finally, the most important reason for partnering with a charity is the worthy cause that it will support. There are so many reasons for community outreach and sadly, there is always someone in need of help. Whether it is a disaster relief effort, a fundraiser for a specific person or family going through a hard time, or a volunteer event at a food bank, charitable giving is extremely rewarding to all parties involved.

These are just a few of the many reasons why partnering with a charity can be a very rewarding experience. Here at Bekins, we are proud to say that we actively participate in a number of charitable outreach efforts, most notably Move for Hunger and Wreaths Across America, which both work closely with the moving and trucking industries to carry out their efforts.

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