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Did I Remember to Pack Everything?

September 6, 2019 | Moving Guides & Tips

There are a lot of things involved in creating a successful moving plan. There’s everything to pack, budgets to draft, equipment to rent, and contingencies to plan for. Juggling all these different things can be difficult, even for the most organized individuals. Things can fall through the cracks, especially when it comes to packing.

The best way to avoid packing problems is by planning ahead. If you give yourself time, make a plan and follow our packing tips below, you won’t have any issues. Here’s how to get started:

Declutter before you start.

When you’re preparing for a move, you’re going to be going through all your things. This is the perfect opportunity to declutter and downsize. If you start the process early enough, you could even throw a garage sale to bring in extra cash. The fewer things you have to move, the easier your move will be.

Work one room at a time.

When you pack, you don’t have to do everything at once. If you pack one room at a time, you can dig in without getting overwhelmed. This process will allow you to pack thoroughly. When you’re packing a room, label boxes accordingly. Don’t wait to do it later, or you might forget what you put where. You’ll have to do double the work to figure out where everything is again.

Label everything thoroughly.

However you label, make sure you include where the box is going and what’s inside it. You can use tape or markers to color code, or you can write room names on the boxes. Whatever works! You could also create a list or spreadsheet to track the boxes you’ve packed and labeled. Consulting your list will help you know where everything is at a glance.

Determine which items you’ll need during your trip.

These are your “last on, first off” items. Things you’ll need immediately upon showing up at your new home. You can put them in their own box, accessible and specially labeled for easy access. This will ensure any especially important items like integral paperwork or medications aren’t lost or left behind. You should also determine what to bring in your own car, rather than packing into your moving van. We recommend you always take things like medication, inhalers, or personal medical devices in your own car. That way you’ll have them in case of emergency.

Make sure you know if there’s anything movers can’t take.

There are some items that movers aren’t allowed to take for legally-mandated safety reasons. Research what these items are for your specific state, or just ask your movers. Most movers can’t take items like aerosol cans, ammunition, firearms, fire extinguishers, gasoline, chemicals, paint or pesticides.


These tips will help you make sure that packing isn’t something you have to worry about. When it comes to getting help with everything else–up to and including the packing itself!–give the experts at Bekins a call. We’ve been helping people prepare for and successfully move for years. We’ll make sure your move is a success.

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