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How to Make Relocation As Appealing as Possible

December 19, 2019 | Employee Relocation

Convincing employees to accompany you in a company relocation isn’t an easy task. You probably have a good reason to relocate – you need a bigger office, your current building is closing, or the whole company is moving – but that reason probably doesn’t help your employees feel good about it.

You have to make the idea of moving your company as easy and appealing as possible. Your relocation policy should entice people and give them a good reason to stick with you through the move. When the individual in question is valuable, they’re worth the time it takes to make a comprehensive relocation plan. A good relocation plan ensures everyone avoids common relocation mistakes. Here are four ways you can start to build your own good relocation plan.

Make it financially appealing.

This is our number one suggestion. People don’t want to move to a new city and start a new life with their family in tow for no reason. You’re going to have to offer them more money.

The raise you offer doesn’t have to be huge, especially if the cost of living goes down in their new city. It does, however, have to be enough to motivate them to consider the big change you’re asking for.

Take steps to make the relocation process as seamless as possible.

Making a big move, especially an interstate move, is stressful. Moving when relocating for a new job in a new place is especially stressful. You want to make the process easy. That’s why one of the most important things you can do to make relocation appealing to an employee is offering the use of professional movers.

Professional movers can streamline the entire process. They can take the worry off your employee’s plate. They can offer comprehensive moving and packing services that make the move less stressful and more exciting.

Talk to employees and listen to their needs.

Relocation is a big deal to anyone you talk to. If you just throw it at their feet and give them a choice without talking it out, you’re less likely to have success. Talk to the employee you want relocating before writing the formal agreement.

Get an idea of what their concerns and priorities are. See what they’re looking for so you can make an ideal offer that fits everyone’s needs. If you listen to their fears and concerns from the get-go instead of writing them off, you’re more likely to find success.

Broaden the relocation benefits you offer.

Extra benefits are the cherry on top. After speaking to your employees and learning about their concerns, take time to think. What small additional things can you do on top of the obvious to make the move work?

There are plenty of things you can offer. Assistance in helping their spouse find work in the new city. New technology for their new workspace, like a laptop, a standing desk or a cell phone upgrade. Helping find them a great realtor. Offering a welcome package for their new city with gift cards and local snacks. The small details are sometimes the ones with the most lasting impact.


A good relocation plan not only moves employees but moves them without affecting their quality of life. Make it as easy as possible by including steps like the ones we’ve listed above.

Another step is making sure they have access to the best local moving companies. A company like Bekins will help keep your relocating staff happy during the stress of a big move. Give us a call today!

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