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5 Ways to Incorporate the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year into Your Home Décor

January 17, 2020 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

Pantone is the industry leader in all things color. They are a major authority in color consultation and trendsetting across industries including, but not limited to, home décor, fashion, and graphic design. Pantone’s library of hues is considered the standard reference for many businesses worldwide. Every year, the iconic company releases a “Color of the Year” based on the latest design trends.

This year, the Color of the Year is Classic Blue. Pantone calls it “a solid and dependable blue.” It expresses “constancy and confidence.” In that, this classic blue hue can be utilized in many aspects of your home and is considered timeless. Whatever design decisions you make with it, this particular color is easily adaptable alongside other hues in the home. Here are a few ideas for you to keep in mind when choosing how to incorporate classic blue tones into your home décor.

As an Accent Wall

Just a few short years ago, adding an accent color to a wall in one of your rooms was almost unheard of. This easy design idea has truly taken off though. It can add much more depth and interest in virtually any room of the house. If you already have a blue painted room, add a slightly different tone of it to just one wall. A neutral colored room will work for this idea as well. If your walls are already a grey or creamy off-white, adding a classic blue wall will really make the room pop! The best thing about this is it is an easy and quick way to reimagine the room without repainting the entire thing.

In Dinnerware and Kitchen Gadgets

Making a statement using color doesn’t have to come from a large painted wall or a piece of furniture. Classic blue is called “classic” because it has no boundaries and can be used continually. You can decorate with sets of dinnerware, kitchen supplies such as storage canisters, or a teapot to sit on your stove. A little bit, especially with such a bold color, can go a long way. Buying smaller items in a bold blue can be a little easier on your mind and your wallet too.

It’s a Great Restroom Hue

The best place for blue is of course, the bathroom. It is a common color in this particular room because it evokes a calming feeling, making the space feel more like a private oasis. Creating a cool, calm environment can be done by painting the walls or, if you don’t want to go that far, by simply redecorating. Change up the color palette by purchasing new classic blue towels. Add a shower curtain with blue accents to match, and small decorative pieces. The restroom is typically the smallest room in the house, and therefore the most inexpensive to update.

Small Accent Furniture

Do you have an end table or other small piece of furniture you’ve been meaning to restore? Now is a great time to re imagine that piece in classic blue. If you aren’t an expert craftsman, look up a website showing how to repurpose and restore a piece of furniture. As long as you have the correct inspiration, the process will be a bit easier than you think. If you aren’t the crafty type, pick a brand new end table or tea cart in classic blue. With that fresh coat of paint, the piece doesn’t have to be big in order for it to stand out. A little bit of this color goes a long way.

Fresh Bedding & Pillows

A new set of sheets, a pillow or blanket can make an entire bed feel fresh and new. In classic blue, they can truly set that bedtime mood. Adding blue hues to your bedding can be done in many different styles too. If you are going for a “beachy,” ocean theme, classic blue can act as your foundation color. Classic blue can also be presented in a more modern, minimalistic way. For this, try deep blue solids for your pillows and sheets, and light greys and whites for the bedspread.

Pantone thoughtfully looked at recent trends and style choices and chose Classic Blue as their Color of the Year. Luckily, this specific hue was not only trending in our modern world, but it is also ageless. If you choose to decorate your home with this soothing, cool color, it is not likely to go out of style any time soon.

Redecorating is one thing, but moving to a new home altogether is a much bigger job! We have agents across the U.S. ready to lend a helping hand. Let Bekins take the weight off your shoulders. That way, you can get back to planning your new classic blue living room.

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