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Moving Back in with Your Parents: 5 Ways to Survive

January 24, 2020 | Household Moves

Though it may not feel this way, it is much more common these days to move back in with your parents than you think. There are multiple reasons why this could happen. Many young adults opt to move back after college in hopes of saving some money before going out on their own. The cost-of-living has steadily increased over the years and it has becoming more difficult for many people to keep up. Yet still, the most common reason for moving back home is a sudden split from a significant other.

Whatever the reason, moving back in with your parents doesn’t mean your world is ending and it definitely doesn’t have to end up being a poor experience. In all likelihood, your parents will even welcome the process as they hold on to every last bit of your time at home before they become empty nesters. In order for both of your experiences to be good ones, there must be a little bit of compromise and open communication. These tips should help you everyone transition easily.

Have a Plan in Place

How long do you plan to stay? If you moved to save money, what number did you have in mind? Setting these parameters right out of the gate is a good plan to stick to. This way, you’ll know right where you’re headed and about how long you’ll be staying. Having achievements to gain and specific timelines to conform to will keep you focused on moving forward. It can be easy to slip into a situation that is too casual considering the environment is the same as it was when you were a child, without responsibilities. When you’ve made some decisions, share them with your parents. They’ll respect that you have goals and will want to aid in helping you achieve them.

Help Around the House

One of the easiest and most appreciated things you can do to show you care is to help out with every day cleaning tasks. Don’t leave everything for your parents to do. Mom and dad shouldn’t have to clean up after you, especially as a grown adult. Clean up after yourself as if it were your own home. Even if the mess wasn’t yours, take a moment to take out the trash or wash a few dishes. Small things like this have a big impact.

Show Your Gratitude

You never want to make it seem to your parents that you don’t appreciate their letting you stay with them, right? Giving back in small ways goes a long way for your parents. Show that you care, not only by thanking them for their generosity, but with actions too. Pick one night per week to cook dinner for everyone, or make a run to the grocery store. If you aren’t being charged rent, give them some cash for a utility bill. Even if they deny the offer, it is truly the thought that counts.

Be Respectful of the House Rules

Though you are an adult now, your parents may still have some ground rules when it comes to living under their roof. It might be easy to become frustrated by this, but try to keep a level head. If it were your home, you’d want your rules in place too. If you are a young adult too, it is likely your parents are having a little bit of trouble adjusting. If you are borrowing the car, plan to have someone over, or you are going out for the night, be mindful of your parents’ feelings. Check in with them if they ask you to, make sure they know what your plans are, and simply be respectful.

Keep Each Other Updated

After a little bit of time living in their house, have a meeting with mom and dad. Keep each other updated on how you are feeling, how your goals are progressing, and just where you stand in general. If there are any issues, this is when to bring them up in a calm, collected way. It’s also a chance for your parents to do the same. If you are job hunting, give them an update on how it’s going. If you’re saving money, let them know how much they’ve helped. Keep these short meet-ups going every once in awhile and everyone is sure to stay happy.

With some of these tips, moving back in with your parents can actually end up being a rewarding experience. It can be a unique opportunity for you to get to know your parents as an adult, while also giving yourself time for personal growth. Keep an open mind, and you will move through this period of your life with ease.

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