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How Do I Decide Which Time of Year to Move?

January 29, 2020 | Moving Guides & Tips

Each season has its own charms. Spring has transitionary joy and the blooming of flowers. Summer has heat and fun. Fall has crisp air and coziness. Winter has the holidays and cozy time spent together indoors. Whatever the reason we love a season, there are also plenty of reasons not to love them. Reasons like endless rain, stifling heat, chilling winds or long, gloomy, dark days.

Seasons affect almost every aspect of how we feel and what we do, even if we don’t realize it. This is even (and especially!) true of major, life-changing events like moving. The season in which you move could affect a lot about how you feel about the move–not to mention how you conduct the actual move itself! Picking the right season to move is a bit more complicated than it might appear at first. Just like there are pros and cons to each season, there are pros and cons to moving during each season. We’ve broken down these pros and cons below, so you can finally, definitively answer the question “when should I move?” …Well, at least it’s a start.

Should I move during spring?

Pros: The end of Spring marks the beginning of busy season for home sales and moving. The few months at the beginning of the season, however, are some of the slowest. That means competitive prices, coupons and discounts are more widespread. If moving on a budget is a high priority for you, Spring is one of two seasons you should look at.

Cons: A spring move is the least ideal solution for families with children. A lot of different school milestones happen in spring, including graduations, proms and final exams. Additionally, even though it’s not until the very end of Spring, May begins the busiest moving season. That’s why it’s National Moving Month! Moving companies or trucks may be more expensive and are certainly less accessible during this time of year.

Should I move during summer?

Pros: Summer is convenient! If you have kids, they’re out of school, giving you schedule flexibility for both packing and moving. Summer is also the most popular time of year to sell homes. A summer move gives you the chance to expedite the overall speed from sale to move.

Cons: Moving during the summer is especially expensive, because everyone wants to move during the summer. In addition, summer can get dangerously hot and humid depending on where you live. This is especially relevant for people doing totally DIY moves. Work will take longer because you’ll need to take more breaks when moving in the heat. Be careful!

Should I move during fall?

Pros: Fall is a great time for getting things done. The weather outdoors is cool but not uncomfortably so. That makes it easier to do hard work, especially outdoors, without getting overheated or overwhelmed. This is also the latest you’ll want to move if you want to be settled in before the holiday season begins.

Cons: This is the time of year when school starts. If you have children, young or old, it could be especially stressful on them to move during this time, especially if you’ll have to move your kids to a new school. Moving and starting at a new school can be an especially stressful combination for kids.

Should I move during winter?

Pros: Winter is the most economically friendly time of year to move. The demand is low due to the weather, the holiday season and the midpoint of the school year. Not only is this the most budget-friendly time of year to move, it’s also the most flexible. The sharp decrease in business leads allows moving company the flexibility to meet more of your specific needs.

Cons: It’s cold. Not only that, but snow and ice make travel of any kind more dangerous. If safety is a higher priority for you than savings, don’t move during winter. Don’t forget that wintertime moves are going to require more work. You’ll have to take time to make sure walkways are safe and ice-free. You’ll have to spend additional packing time waterproofing your boxes.


No matter when you’re moving, you’re going to need help actually getting it done. That’s where Bekins comes in. We’ve been helping families move in all types of weather for years. It’s allowed us to build the expertise you need to help make your seasonal move as effortless as possible. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help. Spring, summer, fall or winter – Bekins has you covered.

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