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Settling In After a Long-Distance Move

August 12, 2020 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

A long-distance move is a very exciting venture. You get to settle into your new home, your new town or city, new community and perhaps even a new job. For some, moving far away can feel a little bit overwhelming. Here are some ways that you can get acquainted with your new home and location.

Post Long-Distance Move Tips

  • Try different arrangements for your furniture – your first instinct may not be your favorite placement for your belongings. Experiment with your furniture and decorations until your new house feels like a home.
  • Change up the paint and décor – often sellers will paint their house neutral colors when it is on the market. Now that you have purchased or rented your new place, give it a touch of your own personal style.
  • Read Yelp reviews – if you are unsure of where to get take-out or get a haircut in your new town or city, do a bit of internet research to see where the locals suggest.
  • Look up events – in the era of COVID there may not be as many community events to go to. But there may still be outdoor activities available such as going to see live music outside at a restaurant or a drive-in film screening.
  • Explore the outdoors – go visit parks, hiking trails, or nearby lakes and rivers to get a feel for the place and find out what kind of outdoor activities are available.
  • Check out local cafes – take a book and pick a new spot each week to try out. Many places are open for outdoor seating and you can get a feel for your town or cities coffee shop culture.

Exploring a new place can be a lot of fun. Take advantage of the opportunity to settle in to your new town or city after a long-distance move and make the most out of your new community.

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