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What’s the Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Move?

August 31, 2020 | Packing Guides & Tips

When packing for a move, you may be tempted to throw the clothes in your closet and drawers into bags haphazardly. Leaving your wardrobe as an afterthought will not save you time in the long run. Follow our tips and tricks to pack your clothes efficiently and keep your belongings wrinkle-free!

How do I pack my clothes for a move?

The secret to keeping your clothes organized and in good condition during your move is to simply sort out your belongings before the big day. Follow our sorting and packing tips to save time and money in the long run.

Pick your moving-day outfit

Set aside the clothes you want to wear on the big day to avoid packing them away with the rest of your wardrobe. Consider the weather and your activities that day; you might want layers to put on in the air conditioning and take off when you’ve done enough running around. Speaking of which, you’ll almost certainly want tennis shoes on the big day!

Sort through your wardrobe

This step is crucial because it will save you a lot of space when you start packing your clothes. Sort your clothes into these four sections:

  • A “don’t want” pile. Put any items that are worn or torn, you never wear, you won’t need in your new climate or your family has outgrown in the “don’t want” pile.
  • A “keep on a hanger” group. Clothes that crease and wrinkle easily, like cotton, you may want to transport on a hanger.
  • A “keep folded” pile. Put clothes that you keep in dresser drawers or items that don’t wrinkle easily in this pile.
  • A “keep in storage” pile. This pile will consist of clothes that you still want but are out of season.

Start packing

Make the most of the space and time you have by following our clothing packing tips and tricks. This way, once you get to your new home, your clothes will be organized and free of damage!

  1. Invest in wardrobe boxes. These boxes can be on the pricier side but make moving hanging clothes a breeze. For your dresses, suits and pants, get tall wardrobe boxes. For shirts and other short items, use smaller versions.
  2. Keep clothes in your dresser. This is a great way to save space. Unfortunately, this can add weight to the dresser, so it might be difficult to pull off unless you’re getting help from a professional moving company.
  3. Wrap your shoes. Before packing your shoes into boxes, stuff and wrap each shoe with packing paper. This will help keep the shape of your shoes. Once they are stuffed and wrapped, pack them into boxes.
  4. Use luggage. Pack your luggage with clothing. This will minimize your need for extra boxes. You have to relocate your luggage anyway!
  5. Vacuum seal off-season clothes. Save space by vacuum sealing clothes you won’t need to wear until next season.

Packing your clothes efficiently for your move will make a world of difference. Getting help from expert movers like Bekins will make an even bigger difference. We’re here to get your belongings to your new home stress-free so you can focus on you, your loved ones, and your new surroundings. Get in touch today!

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