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5 Steps to Completing a Successful Long Distance Interstate Move

September 21, 2020 | Long Distance Moves

Moving interstate is a major project that includes many preparation steps before you even begin the journey to your new home. What makes interstate moving are all the pieces that have to come together in order to make the experience a seamless one. Interstate moving companies will work with you to get you and your belongings safely to their destination.

When you’re ready to begin the process of completing a successful long-distance move, keep the following tips in mind to help you through.

Recommendations and Reviews

Begin the process by getting recommendations for full-service interstate movers that your friends and family used in the past. Learning more about personal experiences people had with different companies can narrow down who to work with.

Online reviews may also provide some of the same information, especially those that rate the company at three stars. Most three-star reviews will give you the good and the bad experiences as a way to gather the whole picture. Keep a lookout for how each company treats their customers when something goes wrong. There’s always the possibility of something not going exactly according to plan, so it’s important to know how the company will handle the responsibility.


Finding the best interstate movers begins with obtaining as many quotes as possible or having time for. These quotes will ensure that you can hire interstate movers without getting scammed since you’ll have the opportunity to compare services and prices. Hire only those interstate movers that disclose all potential fees to avoid any surprises once you’ve reached your destination.

The more quotes you receive from long-distance moving companies, the more you’ll notice which interstate movers offer competitive prices. Remember certain factors that influence the overall price of the move, so you know what to expect. Estimating possible prices will make sure you don’t hire interstate movers without getting scammed.


Packing is where moving begins. The key to packing successfully is to start the process early instead of holding out for the last minute. Starting early will give you enough time to gather all of your materials and sort through your items. If you find that you no longer need something, it might be a good time to think about having a garage sale or donation day.

Beginning the whole process early will also allow you to care for more fragile items. With the right amount of time and materials, you can make sure they are packed correctly, protecting them from being damaged.


The season in which you move will make all the difference. April through September are the most popular months to move, which means that most long-distance moving companies will find themselves booked. Finding a moving company during those months may prove not only expensive but also may be hard.

Of course, the winter months, though they may be cheaper, will present different challenges you’ll have to contend with. If you’re moving long distances, you have to keep in mind the weather at your new location in order to prepare fully. If you find yourself moving to a colder climate, protect your items as you pack, and also make sure you have clothing ready for the weather.

Know the Route

A long-distance move can be tricky since you may not be familiar with the route to your new location or area around it. Before you allow your movers to drive off with most of your belongings, take the time to learn the route as much as possible. Speak with the company to find out what roads will be taken in case you want to keep up with the truck.

Plan out rest stops along the way where you, your family, and the movers have a chance to stretch out, eat, and make a bathroom stop. Depending on how long the ride is, book motels along the way ahead of time in order to save yourself the trouble of finding something last minute or driving when you’re too tired.

As you plan, give yourself enough time to make the trip in case any unexpected events occur, such as accidents blocking roads or the weather taking a turn for the worse. Keep in mind that moving is more like a marathon rather than a sprint and should be taken with care. There is no benefit to rushing through the process whether you’re trying to hire the best interstate movers or made it to the driving stage of the move.

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