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Packing and Traveling Tips for Interstate Moving

June 30, 2022 | Moving Guides & Tips, Packing Guides & Tips

Packing and traveling for an interstate move or cross-country moving is a big undertaking. After all, just moving across town can be a big ordeal, never mind when it comes to gathering and organizing all of your things to coordinate a move spanning across the entire country. Whether doing your DIY move yourself or when looking for movers who specialize in interstate relocations, having the right process set up to create the best possible moving experience for you.

Before you set off on your journey, however, you’ll need to have the right packing and traveling tips on your side to ensure that you’re going about your process in the right way. Finding an interstate moving company, however, and figuring out the right process for your packing strategy makes a huge difference in ensuring that your things arrive safely, efficiently, and in an organized way that will let you unpack easily and swiftly.

So how do you make sure your interstate moving company is working for you, and how do you take on the DIY moving process efficiently and strategically? We’ve got the best ways to know what to look for in interstate movers, the best interstate packing tips, and the best ways to take on the traveling ahead of you.

How to Choose Interstate Movers

Before you even begin the packing process, you need to first know that you’ve been working with the right company for your move and that you have them locked down to best serve your needs and your ideal moving timeline.

So how do you find the best long-distance moving company, and how do you make sure you’re getting the best deal and value for your money? Let’s run you through the questions you’ll need to ask to make sure you’re getting the best moving company for your long-distance move.

  • Choose Movers with Long-Distance Experience
    When looking for a moving company for an interstate move, you should always look for a moving company that has experience in residential or corporate moves over long distances. Having movers that have experience in coordinating these large undertakings will make a world of difference for you and will ensure that your items arrive quickly and safely in your new home.
  • Look at Reviews
    When choosing your interstate moving company, you should always pay close attention to the reviews of people who have worked with these movers in the past. Ask around to dependable friends, family members, and colleagues for recommendations for any long-distance movers they’ve worked with in the past as well.Firsthand experiences from those who have worked with long-distance movers will give you the most dependable information regarding their process, attention to detail, and overall level of care taken with your items. It’ll also give you a heads up in the event of movers being fraudulent, overpriced, or just who don’t use best practices.
  • Shop Around On top of making sure to look at online reviews and getting in-person recommendations from those you know, you should also shop around for quotes to try and get the best prices for the services you’re looking for. Shopping around for moving company quotes will also give you a dependable frame of reference for what companies are overpriced, and which ones might be charging so little it could be too good to be true.

Giving yourself the right tools to look for the right interstate movers will let you go into the entire process with an informed eye. This approach will also allow you to get the best prices, and best service, and avoid moving scams.

Packing Tips for Interstate Moving

Once you have the right movers for interstate relocations, it’s time to cultivate the best packing strategy to make sure you’re creating a realistic timeline that’s not too overwhelming for you or those in your household.

Having the right packing strategy will also keep you organized and will keep you from packing fragile or important items without the care they require to keep them safe. So how do you prepare properly for your packing process, and what can you do to have everything ready for your movers without stressing? The following are our best interstate packing tips:

  • Prepare Packing Supplies
    The key to having a non-stressful and overall smooth-sailing packing process is by preparing and starting well ahead of time. This goes for something as little as getting packing supplies early and making sure you have what you need for successful packing ready to go.To pack up your items safely and responsibly with the right timeline in mind, start getting your boxes well ahead of time, and see if you can get them at a low cost as well. Ask around to local businesses to see if they have any extras from shipments, source them for free off of Facebook Marketplace, or start conserving them from your online orders sooner rather than later. Additionally, stock up on shipping and masking tape well ahead of time so you’re not left running to the store for tape in the middle of your packing process.
  • Create a Timeline
    The best way to keep the packing process under control and to keep yourself organized and not overwhelmed during packing is by pacing yourself and creating a realistic timeline.Too often, people leave packing to the last minute and wind up just throwing things into boxes or trash bags and hoping for the best for their move. This should never be the case! Your packing should be finished at the very latest during the night before your relocation, with only essentials and the things you’ll have with you on your travels waiting in the wings.To pace yourself and to keep your timeline in the best shape, you’ll want to create a plan and a packing strategy. Try to use a calendar to determine what you should pack and when you’ll want to have it packed away.When packing, start with nonessential decor items, like wall hangings or pictures, and pack away decor or knick-knacks before anything. Then, pack up existing storage spaces, like closets and attics. Again, don’t pack essentials until you’re getting ready to go. Seasonal items also make great candidates for items be packed first up.
  • Stay Organized Stay organized and keep track of what items you’re packing up where by trying to pack items belonging in the same room with one another. This will let you stay organized and will make unpacking infinitely easier. Oh, and don’t forget to always label all of your boxes – this will make a world of difference in your organizational process.

Tips for Interstate Moving

The best thing you can do to make your interstate move as successful as possible is to start as early as possible and to be strategic and organized with your process. This will make things easier to pack, safer to move, and will let you work with a realistic timeline. This will also let your movers work with added efficiency thanks to your organizational levels.

Never forget to pack fragile items with extra care, and always label everything you pack up. Your movers will pack your truck with the heaviest items first, layering the bottom, and will be mindful of breakable items – as long as they know where they are!

When it comes to your own travels, pack a bag of essentials that will tide you over for a week or so at your new home while you wait for your movers to deliver your items. Additionally, always keep especially expensive or valuable items with you, as well as important documents.

Moving interstate will also require you to plan a route to your new home if you’re traveling by car. Whether moving by yourself, with a partner, or with children or pets, don’t try to overdo it. Take frequent breaks, make time to stop at quirky roadside landmarks, and generally try to have fun with it! This is a big transition in your life – approach it with ease by having the right process and planning in place!

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