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5 Items You Should Toss Before Your Household Move

November 23, 2020 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

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Are you planning to make a Household move soon? Before you start packing, make sure you aren’t taking anything unnecessary that will slow down the process.

To help, we have rounded up the top five household items you need to be sure to toss before your residential movers arrive. Getting organized and decluttering will be so worth it during your residential moving process!

  1. Broken or damaged belongings

While it can be tempting to hold on to certain thing in less-than-stellar shape due to their history or sentimental value, they can slow down your move in a major way.

Before you begin your household moving & packing process, do an inventory of your furniture, as well as smaller belongings.

  • Any heavy pieces, like furniture, that are irreparably damaged or broken need to be trashed (or donated). Posting “project pieces” that may need some TLC on resale sites is also an option—and can help you score some cash for your upcoming move!
  • Smaller items that are broken or damaged can be gone through one small room or section at a time—like a closet or cabinet. Your household movers will also enjoy not having to move damaged items!
  • The less items you have to be moved, the less time it will take, resulting in more affordable residential moving services.
  1. Flammable or toxic materials
  • Your household moving company will likely make you aware of this as soon as you book your move.
  • As far as items that will be transported on the moving truck are concerned, no flammable or otherwise toxic materials will be able to be loaded.
  • Think about open paint cans, propane gas tanks from a grill, or gasoline in your lawnmower.
  • These items will need to be disposed of or properly drained prior to your moving day.
  • Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for transporting them to your new home on your own. Household moving companies simply cannot take that risk.
  1. Old or expired food
  • Cleaning out your fridge and freezer is also a must-do to put on your list ahead of a residential move.
  • Check expiration dates on food, beverage, and condiment containers.
  • Anything old or approaching their expiration dates are probably best to throw out.
  • Moving a large amount of refrigerated food can also be iffy for your household moving services company. When in doubt, throw it out.
  1. Take out the trash
  • Make sure you don’t leave behind an extraneous amount of garbage or trash. Anything left by the curb that doesn’t get picked up in a timely manner will likely irritate your neighbors.
  • Call city services or a company that provides “junk” pickup to have them haul off any excess waste.
  1. Multiples of items
  • Any items that you have in bulk for no apparent reason can also be donated, sold, or trashed.
  • These types of items include duplicate clothing items, shoes, or even mismatched dishes and various items in your junk drawer.
  • If you have an overabundance of these things that either never or rarely get used, there’s no need in letting them continue to take up valuable space in your new home.

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