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All the Right Moves: Duane Miller

April 1, 2021 | Bekins News & Events

We love to spotlight our drivers! Besides the Driver of the Month program, we’ve also started up a new initiative to allow us to thank our drivers: All the Right Moves.

 Duane Miller, a driver with Boerman Moving & Storage in Woodbridge, Ill., wowed a customer recently. Help us give him kudos!  

From the customer: Our driver was great. He did a great job managing the crew and keeping them motivated, in spite of it being an unusual move. There was a lot of stuff, and it took longer than anticipated. Yet, the movers remained good-spirited even when it began to snow. The move-in was to a 4-story home with multiple entrances; none were convenient for a move. We were very happy with the move and movers. 

This destination had it all – a four-story home with multiple entrances, multiple flights of stairs, and snow! Any one of these scenarios could have frustrated movers and caused additional stress for the homeowner, but Duane’s leadership and attitude kept the crew motivated and in good spirits. 

When it was all said and done, the customer had a great move experience, and that is something to celebrate. Thank you again, Duane, for taking care of the customer and your crew with All the Right Moves! 


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