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Moving? Check Out this Spring Cleaning Checklist to Prepare

April 17, 2021 | Moving Guides & Tips

Along with planning, preparing, sorting, and packing, cleaning is also something that will need to be on your radar when you are getting ready to move. You will need to clean out your home before you move out for the next residents, and you may also need to clean your new home before you unpack! Spring is the most popular time of the year to move – and with it comes extra dust, pollen, and debris. Here is a thorough spring cleaning checklist to help you throughout your moving process.

Before You Begin, Make Sure That You Have the Following Cleaning Tools & Supplies:

  • Broom, Dustpan
  • Mop, Bucket
  • Vacuum
  • Duster
  • Sponges
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Rags for cleaning
  • Window cleaner
  • Disposable gloves

Cleaning One Room at a Time

Sometimes it may be easier to clean room by room than to start with dusting or vacuuming the entire house. Dust and dirt spread more easily from room to room than if you tackle everything in a room all at once. As you move through your house, start with the basics:

Dust first – this way it won’t dirty the floor that you have already cleaned
Clear cobwebs and debris from ceiling and dust any ceiling fans
Wipe walls, windowsills, and baseboards
Spray glass windows and wipe clean
Vacuum fabric furniture
Sweep and/or vacuum floor


The kitchen is possibly the most difficult room in the house to clean! With so many appliances that can get greasy with cooking, you will want to be sure that you have the right sprays and cleaners to work with. Find something that cuts through grease. Vinegar can also come in handy.

Things to Clean in the Kitchen

Stove & Oven – while you deep clean, be careful as you do this to make sure that you don’t accidentally turn on appliances while cleaning.
Refrigerator – start by going through your fridge and throwing away anything old or unused. Condiments especially tend to sit in the fridge for longer than they should. Wipe everything down before putting your food back in.
Freezer – the best way to clean out your freezer is to let it defrost. Wipe it out once it’s defrosted before turning it back on (or leave it off if you are moving out soon).
Backsplash – make sure to use a tough degreasing agent while doing this.
Wipe all surfaces, cabinets, and countertops – a simple all-purpose cleaner or vinegar will do the trick.


Yuck – nobody likes to clean the bathroom. But the more often you do it, the less dirty it can get over time. Here’s what to do:

Shower/Tub/Sink – use a bathroom cleaner with bleach or hydrogen dioxide to get the white look back on your appliances.
Toilet – if you don’t like to use hefty toilet bowl cleaner, you can use vinegar as a replacement for tough stains.
Mirror – wipe with a glass cleaner
Tiles – mold & mildew love to live between bathroom tiles, so make sure to use a little elbow grease when tackling this part!

Garage/Attic/Storage Spaces

If a move is on your horizon, you may wish to consider renting a storage solution like a unit or a portable storage unit so that you can sort and clean out your garage, attic, shed, or storage space ahead of time. These spaces often build up with dirt and dust because they are not built like the rest of the home. Pay special attention to dust and wear a mask or goggles if you need to.

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